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Admission process

Do I need to apply for visa or the school does it for me?

You contact the nearest Hungarian Consulate in your region and apply for a ’residence permit for educational purpose’. We send you our Visa Support Certificate by an express courier. You will have to hand in other documents as well, so it is very important to contact them beforehand. The Consulate might need about 30 days. If they grant it you will receive a type D visa that is valid for one entry to Hungary and you have 30 days after entering Hungary to pick up your residence permit in Budapest.

How do I get my Visa Support Certificate?

We usually send it by an express courier to your address. We need your exact address with postal code and a contact phone number. 

When can I have the final confirmation to study at your institution?

After your online application and application fee payment we assess your documents and inform you if we can grant you admission or not. If you are admitted, we will send you the next step in your online application account. Then you secure your place with the payment of the tuition fee

Do I need a degree in business to apply for the Master's programme?

Without a business degree, you can apply to the Strategic International Management, Strategic Human Resource Management or IT for Business Data Analytics programmes as they are conversion master's allowing you to change your career. However, you will need a business degree in Strategic Finance and Strategic Marketing

What if I cannot submit my online application due to an error?

Please email us to info@ibsbudapest.com and if possible print screen the error message, we will help you. 

Do I need to upload the transcript of my studies for admission?

Yes, please upload it.

Do I need a CV or a reference letter for admission?

There is no need to upload a reference letter or a CV except if IBS asks you to do it. For the MBA or PhD programme you will need to upload them.

Can I apply if I receive my diploma/degree after the application deadline? How shall I send it? Do I need to have it translated into English?

You can apply to IBS without having your high school diploma/bachelor/master degree but as soon as you receive please upload it to your online application and inform us at info@ibsbudapest.com. You can enrol only with your original diploma/degree and proof of payment of tuition (and registration) fee. Please have it translated into English by an official translator. 


When Can I Get a Visa Support Certificate?

After IBS grants admission to an applicant (by checking the required documents) we issue our proforma invoice in your online application account (you can find it under the FINANCE section)., Bachelor's and University Foundation students with non-EU citizenship have to pay the one-off registration fee together with the first year’s tuition fee. Master’s students can pay by semester.

Non-EU students will pay for their health insurance upon arrival in IBS (valid for 12 months in Hungary) and need to buy only travel insurance that is valid for one month.

After IBS receives the payment, we will send you our Visa Support Certificate and Letter by DHL. The DHL delivery fee is to be paid by the student.

Important: it is NOT possible to receive our Visa Support Certificate BEFORE payment.

What is a Visa Support Certificate?

It consists of 2 documents, a Certificate in Hungarian addressed to the Hungarian Consul and an explanatory Letter to you in English:

The Certificate certifies:

  1. your student status at IBS,
  2. your English language skills,
  3. accommodation in the Residence Hall (address: 1031 Budapest, Reichl Kálmán u. 6.),
  4. and health insurance for 12 months

Please submit it to the Consul.

In the Letter, we inform you about the content of the Visa Support Certificate, the documents required for enrolment and the residence permit application process.

Important: the Residence Hall fee is NOT included in the tuition fee, so please book your accommodation in the Residence Hall either on the online form or by writing to info@ibsbudapest.com

How can I pick up my residence permit upon arrival in Budapest?

A residence permit must be collected from the Immigration Office in Budapest. If you are a non-EU citizen and you have a visa (type D, valid for 30 days and for one entry to the territory of Hungary), you must go to the Immigration Office (Bevándorlási és Állampolgársági Hivatal) in Budapest within 30 days of your arrival to receive your residence permit.

For your residence permit you will need:

  1. Application form for the issuance of the residence permit - available at the reception of the Immigration Office,
  2. Student status certificate issued by IBS upon enrolment,
  3. Student card certificate issued by IBS upon enrolment,
  4. One passport photo,
  5. Health insurance,
  6. Accommodation reporting form - available in English at IBS. You should have this form signed by the owner(s) of your accommodation:
  • If you are staying at the Residence Hall, the RH Manager will sign it and stamp it.
  • If you are staying in a rented flat, the owner(s) of the flat must sign this form and provide you with a copy of the title deed document (proof of ownership, ‘tulajdoni lap’ in Hungarian) and the rent contract. You must attach these two documents to the form. The form in Hungarian can be downloaded here.
  • If you are staying in somebody’s flat as a favour (for free), the owner(s) of the property should write a ‘contract of courtesy use of flat’ (‘szívességi lakáshasználati szerződés’ in Hungarian) that contains the address of the property, the personal data of the user (you) and the statement that you can stay in this property free of charge. This contract should be signed by two witnesses (with name and address) and a title deed document (proof of ownership, ‘tulajdoni lap’ in Hungarian) should also be attached.

What if my visa is rejected?

In case your visa is rejected for any reason, 400 EUR from your fee payment is non-refundable in any circumstances. The remaining amount will be refunded to you.

Click here for further information about Refund Policy for Visa Refusal

What happens if you receive your visa decision after the start of your programme?

Please email us in this case and ask for advice! Generally these are the rules:

  1. Int. Foundation students can join the programme after the start.
  2. BSc and MSc programmes have a deadline of enrolment. If you get your visa after this deadline, you can chose to start your programme in the next intake. However, if you insist on travelling to IBS at once, you can join only the University Foundation programme and its semester fee will be deducted from your original payment.

What happens if my programme does not start due to insufficient number of students?

  1. You can change your programme to another programme that starts.
  2. You can postpone the start of your programme to the next intake.

Language Requirements

Do you require a TOEFL or IELTS certificate?

It is not a requirement, IBS has its own English placement test and interviews to assess applicants’ English skills. However, those who already have a TOEFL or IELTS exam with sufficient score will be exempt from taking our own English placement test, they just need to have our listening and interview. 

Do you accept a Cambridge certificate of English skills?

We can accept the following certificates.

When is the IBS English test and interview? What kind of a test is it?

The IBS English placement test is FULLY ONLINE and consists of a grammar and vocabulary test of 100 minutes, a listening task and an oral part.  (If somebody does not pass them, we offer the possibility of improving English skills on our one-year International University Foundation programme.)

Is the International University Foundation programme compulsory? Is it part of the BSc/MSc programme?

It is not part of the BSc or MSc programme, but if you do not pass our English placement test we strongly advise you to take it. It offers 400 classes of English practising different languange skills, including business English (4-5 classes each weekday). At the end of the programme you take the test and interview again and if you pass it, you can continue your studies on the Bachelor's or Master's programme. 


Do you have MBA or PhD programmes?

We offer an MBA programme that takes 3 semesters to complete and lead to a degree conferred by The University of Buckingham.

We offer two PhD programmes, all leading to the degree conferred by The University of Buckingham.

When do I need to choose the programme if I am unsure what to choose?

You can check the details of each programme on our website. On the bachelor's level, all programmes start with a Common First Year, so all students study the same modules and have time until April to decide which programme they continue their studies with. On the master's level, you can consult with the Programme Director or the Marketing and Admissions Centre. 

Can I be a visiting student/freemover at IBS?

Yes, it is possible to be a visiting student on the bachelor's level if you are a citizen of the European Union. It means that you can study only one semester at IBS, choose from a wide selection of BSc modules (up to 30 credits) and at the end of the semester you will receive a transcript from IBS. 

What shall I do if I want to transfer to IBS from my current university?

Regarding BSc studies, unfortunately, IBS cannot do any preliminary credit acceptance as we are cooperating with The University of Buckingham. However, after enrolling to the first year of the BSc programme you can submit your official transcript with the detailed module description that we will forward to The University of Buckingham and they will do the credit acceptance.

Please note that only first-year modules in the IBS curriculum can be accepted and the Buckingham University has credit acceptance meetings only twice in each academic year and the whole acceptance process takes several weeks.

There is no credit transfer to the MSc programmes at all.

Are there any scholarships?

You can read about our scholarships here.


Do I have to pay the tuition fee while I work in the fifth semester of the BSc programme?

Yes, because the tuition fee is calculated for the whole programme. So you need to pay the tuition fee for each semester of the three years. However, if you choose the placement option in the fifth semester you will have the opportunity to agree with your employer about your salary. While some companies agree to pay some part of the tuition fee and a salary, others pay the full tuition and no salary or decide to provide you with competitive compensation and don't cover any of the tuition.

What is the registration fee and who needs to pay it?

All applicants who are non-European Union citizens need to pay the one-off registration fee of 900 Euro. This fee is based on citizenship, not residency. It is to be paid together with the tuition fee. 

If I am a non-EU citizen can I pay the tuition fee after I arrive in IBS?

No, for non-European Union citizens the tuition and registration fee must be paid in advance otherwise we cannot provide our Visa Support Certificate that is required for the residence permit application. 

When and How Can I Pay?

After IBS has granted you admission you secure your place with your payment. You can enrol to your programme only after payment has been made.

On the Intensive English Language Programme or the BSc programmes EU citizens usually pay by semester.

Due to the strict visa regulations in the first year, non-EU citizens must pay for the whole year with the one-off registration fee. From the second year non-EU citizens can pay by semester too and their residence permit will be valid also for one semester.

Erasmus students pay at their home institutions.

Payments can be made in Euro by bank transfer, online via bank card (with 3% surcharge) or cash at IBS's cash office. Please make sure that your name is included in the bank transfer receipt and IBS receives the full fee (most banks charge commission). If possible inform us about your payment at info@ibsbudapest.com

For which programme are scholarships available?

You can read about our scholarships here.


Is there a deadline for the dormitory/ Residence Hall application?

You can apply at any time (the earlier the better), but you need to pay the deposit and rental fee by the deadline. When the on-campus Residence Hall is full, other accommodation options are available. 

How can I book a room in the IBS Residence Hall?

On the online application form, you can indicate your wish to stay in the Residence Hall. After you submit the online form the Residence Hall Manager will contact you by email. You can find more details on the Residence Hall application process on our website. Please note that you can secure your room booking only with the payment of the rental fee so please pay as soon as you receive the information email sent by the Residence Hall contact person.


What is placement?

Optional work placement in the sixth semester of your studies is an excellent opportunity for testing your strengths, showing your teeth and more often than not, finding your workplace. In recent years, close to 40 per cent of our students have found a job upon graduation at their placement organisation.

Placement is a one-semester internship that our undergraduate students can do in their third, final year, mostly at multinational companies.

Why is placement so useful?

During the placement, our students put into practice in real working situations what they have learned in theory. This is a very advantageous set-up for student and employer alike: as the placement lasts for a semester, the student can integrate into the work environment, and if the student is successful, they can continue their cooperation afterwards without any problems. It is also very common for students graduating from IBS to receive a job at their placement company, meaning that many of the students on our undergraduate programmes graduate with a stable position already waiting for them.

Most importantly, students graduating from IBS are not start-up graduates in the field of work, since they already have at least one semester of work experience behind them. It is no wonder that 70% of our graduates find a job within three months of their graduation, and 22% within 6 months, with very good salaries, and in fields which match their qualifications and interests.

You can watch videos about our student's placement experiences here! 

Does IBS or the student look for internship places?

Searching for and finding a professional placement position is the task of the student; however, IBS can and does offer effective assistance. Our career office has a network of prestigious partner companies, and these companies are committed to accepting our students. It is common for our alumni who graduated a few years ago and by now have achieved leading positions to offer positions to present IBS students.

How can I be sure that I choose a suitable placement position?

Prior to the placement period we offer training, career counselling and resume and cover letter writing exercises to help students who apply to several positions that they have found through IBS or by themselves.

In the last 20 years experience has shown that our students have a significant competitive advantage in the labour market due to their superior language, IT, teamwork, presentation and other skills.


What shall I bring for enrolment?

Original high school diploma or Bachelor's/Master's degree certificate with certified English translation, proof of payment of tuition fee, English language certificate (if you have one), an official work reference letters (if you have been admitted with work experience), passport and 2 ID photos.

Where can I find an academic calendar?

You can find the Academic Calendar here

Where can I find reports of students about IBS?

You can find it in the section of Student life.

If your question is not listed here, please contact us at info@ibsbudapest.com