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International Business School treats all its students, regardless of age on entry, as independent, mature individuals.

However, under 18s living in Hungary are considered by law to be children, which means the University has additional responsibilities towards students it admits under the age of 18 until the date when they turn 18, even if this period is brief. Additional responsibilities include increased protection against safety and health risks, intimidation, abuse, bullying, harassment (physical or online), discrimination, radicalization, and extremism. In this section below, we outline for you, your parents and guardians as much information as possible to ensure a smooth start in IBS whilst you are under the age of 18.

If you are under 18 when you enrol at IBS, you are officially an underage person in Hungary.

As a result, you will have to bear in mind some legal restrictions when starting your IBS studies and stay in Hungary: 
• you cannot sign any official documents including the IBS Education Contract or your residence permit at the Immigration Office without your parent/guardian,
• you cannot rent a flat by yourself,
• you cannot open a bank account in Hungary by yourself

While you are still under 18 your parents should accompany you in Budapest, or you should present an official authorization where your parent/guardian authorizes a person above 18 who stays in Budapest and can act and sign documents on your behalf.

You can find attached the authorization form in two languages. Please bring 2 signed hard copies of the authorization form (in Hungarian and English) with you for enrolment along with the person who can sign documents on your behalf.

If your parents cannot find an appropriate person to be authorized, please contact our partner lawyer’s office at nguyen.trang@dukkon.hu or dukkon.zsolt@dukkon.hu.


Bachelor’s students must turn 17 years of age until 1 September of the year of their enrolment. 

International University Foundation students must turn 16 years of age until 1 September of the year of their enrolment.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@ibs-b.hu