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You can read here the school regulations that are relevant for students. School regulations are compulsory for everyone, and the IBS Senate has the authority to modify them.

University of Buckingham BSc, MSc and research programmes
BSc Study and Exam Regulations
BSc Tuition Fee Regulations
MSc-MBA Study and Exam Regulations
MSc-MBA Tuition Fee Regulations
Research Programmes Study and Exam Regulations
Research Programmes Tuition Fee Regulations
BSc-MSc-MBA Admission Regulations
BSc-MSc-MBA Appeals Against Assessment Decisions
Research Degrees Guide

IBS (/DBS) Programmes
IBS Degree Programmes - Study and Exam Regulations
IBS Degree Programmes - Tuition Fee Regulations

International University Foundation Programme
International University Foundation - Tuition Fee Regulations

Policies related to student wellbeing
Student Support in IBS - Policies and Procedures
Fitness to Study Policy
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
Bullying, Harassment, Victimisation and Discrimination Policy
Religious Policy
Policy to Prevent Radicalisation and Extremism
E-Policy (Responsible Use of Electronic Devices, E-mail and Social Media)
Safeguarding Policy
Accident Prevention Policy
Social Hygiene Policy
Provisions for Disabled Students
Complaints Procedures

General IBS regulations
Academic Conduct Policy
Student Disciplinary Regulations
Compensation Regulations
Regulations of Use of IT and Technical Equipment
IBS General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Data Processing Policy

IBS organisational documents and policies
Deed of Foundation
Rules of Organisation and Operation
The organizational chart of administrative staff
Disciplinary Procedures for Employees
Grievance Policy and Procedures for Employees
Code of Ethics
Institutional Quality Assurance Regulations: please contact getamasi@ibs-b.hu.
Rules and Regulations on Employment, Career Progress and Appraisal for Academic Staff: please contact rdoor@ibs-b.hu

Student Union
Student Union Statutes

Sample Contracts
Sample Contract - IUF
Sample Contract - BSc
Sample Contract - MSc
Sample Contract - MSc Vienna