IBS Budapest

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IBS encourages its students to take an internship to have an early start of their careers. Students graduating from IBS, therefore, are not start-up graduates in the field of work, since they already have at least one semester of work experience behind them. It is no wonder that 70% of our graduates find a job within three months of their graduation, and 22% within 6 months, with very good salaries, and in fields, which match their qualifications and interests.

IBS Students are able to choose whether they want to participate in an Erasmus programme, take a CSR project class or go for a placement. The students are responsible to find a placement, however, IBS Career Office is there to help them finding employment.

It is extremely important for IBS, that the students find an internship that fits them, therefore we created the UpSkill programme. This programme enables us to make sure that the most important skills of the labour market are assessed among the students in their first semester and developed during their studies.

Moreover, we also want to hear the opinion of our strategic partners. Therefore, we are making research amongst them about IBS student’s skills, knowledge and performance at their workplace. We repeat the research every second year.