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What is the placement?

Optional work placement in the fifth semester of your studies is an excellent opportunity for testing your strengths, showing your teeth, and more often than not, finding your workplace. In recent years, close to 40 percent of our students have found a job upon graduation at their placement organisation.

Placement is a one-semester internship that our undergraduate students can do in their 5th semester mostly at multinational companies.

Does IBS or the student look for internship places?

Searching for and finding a professional placement position is the task of the student; however, IBS can and does offer effective assistance. Our career office has a network of several prestigious partner companies, and these companies are committed to accepting our students. It is common for our alumni who graduated a few years ago and by now have achieved leading positions to offer positions to present IBS students.

Why is placement so useful?

During the placement, our students put into practice in real working situations what they have learned in theory. This is a very advantageous set-up for students and employers alike: as the placement lasts for a semester, the student can integrate into the work environment, and if the student is successful, they can continue their cooperation afterward without any problems. It is also very common for students graduating from IBS to receive a job at their placement company, meaning that many of the students on our undergraduate programmes graduate with a stable position already waiting for them.

Most importantly, students graduating from IBS are not start-up graduates in the field of work, since they already have at least one semester of work experience behind them. It is no wonder that 70% of our graduates find a job within three months of their graduation, and 22% within 6 months, with very good salaries, and in fields which match their qualifications and interests.