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We know it is not easy to set foot in the labour market, so we won’t leave our students alone. To make the job hunt and application process easier and more effective for them, IBS has a number of career-supporting services offered through its Career Office.

These include one-to-one career counselling sessions and preparation for an interview; assistance in resume and motivation letter writing; sharing updated news on vacancies and traineeship opportunities via our dedicated career platform; hosting a range of online and offline events such as job fairs and workshops. In addition, the Career Office is also responsible for all administrative matters related to our Placement option.

In order for our students to integrate more easily into the corporate world, IBS offers its UpSkill Programme and Placement option during the BSc programmes.

CV Counselling

While a great CV and motivation letter alone are not enough to secure a great job, still these are very important elements of the job hunt process. Crafting strong application materials definitely takes more than just putting one’s personal particulars, past schools and work experiences on paper. We help our students learn how to carefully target their skills and capabilities and adjust these to their dream position.

Career Counselling

A career counselling session is a private, one-to-one discussion with a counsellor about the factors and personal characteristics that influence a students’ career choice or advancement such as personality style, values and abilities, interests and circumstances. Coming to terms with our own strength and weaknesses can be quite challenging. Even finding the right goals can be difficult for some. This is when an objective perspective and some local knowledge can come in really handy.

Own Career Platform (TalentNet)

IBS has developed its own career platform which only our students and alumni can access. It has a range of integrated functions such as a CV-generating feature, listings of internship and market entry positions, and a tailored introduction of our strategic partners. During our one-to-one counselling sessions we like to rely on this useful tool of ours. TalentNet is also available for our alumni.

On-campus Job Fair

By far the most anticipated service of ours is the on-campus job fair taking place once per semester – usually in October and April. These career networking events are also open for our alumni. For a brief video summary of the event, please click here and you can check the official photos as well. IBS reserves the right to pre-select among potential exhibitors but if your company is interested in participating in our next on-campus job fair, feel free to reach us at careeroffice@ibs-b.hu

Company Introductions and Events

Many businesses ask for a possibility to engage in direct contact with our students during their studies – so we allow for companies and organisations to introduce their operation and hiring process either online or at a physical workshop at our premises. From time to time we also host events with a recruiter to provide practical tips about the recruitment process.

Placement-related administration

Our students can choose to work alongside their studies for a whole semester (Placement Module). While it is primarily their responsibility to secure a place, the Career Office does its best to provide them with useful assistance along the way. Typically, students can go for an internship during their 5th semester either locally or abroad.


We keep our students posted on interesting events and happenings related to the job market. Upcoming job fairs in town, open door events for universities, online training opportunities – these might all be very useful pieces of information for those in search for a good position. IBS students get regular updates via our Career Newsletter.