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The Hungarian Consulates and Immigration Authorities are currently very busy and this might cause some delay in the visa processing. IBS would like to minimise your risk and thus we are offering all of our new international students a special refund policy for the 2023 February intake.

We have extended the deadline for requesting a refund until the final day of the spring semester: May 19th, 2023. With this, we aim to provide you with as much flexibility and options as possible.

The following special rules have been decided by IBS and apply for refunding of tuition fees.

Refund Policy for non-EU applicants (Feb 2023 intake):

  • Once you have received the admission certificates of IBS for the visa application, you are entitled for a refund only if your visa is refused and you email the refusal document to IBS. No other excuse for the refund is accepted. Participation in classes, activities and assessments as required to the best of your ability is a condition of getting a refund.
  • In case your visa is granted, we CANNOT refund you the tuition fee and the registration fee in any circumstances.
  • Once you have received your visa, you are not allowed to change your intake.
  • If your visa is rejected and you have not enrolled yet, EUR 400 from your payment is non-refundable, the rest will be refunded.
  • If your visa is rejected and you have already enrolled, you may reclaim up to 19 May 2023 the full amount of your paid fees with the exception of EUR 400.

We offer you this solution on the condition that:

  • 1. You pay your tuition fee until 20 January,
  • 2. You ask the Consulate for a visa appointment until 31 January and send IBS the response from the consulate,
  • 3. You enroll online at IBS NO LATER than 6 February and
  • 4. You attend online classes regularly and participate in your online classes, activities and assessments as required to the best of your ability until you receive the visa.

  • If you regularly fail to show up on your classes, your student status and your residence permit will be suspended. In this case you will be asked to leave the country within 8 days and your tuition fee and registration fee will NOT be refunded.
  • If you decide to leave Hungary or to transfer to another school, the tuition fee and the registration fee will NOT be refunded.
  • Please note that no refunds or deferrals are available after the last day of the semester’s teaching period.

If your visa application is rejected, you have to apply (https://apply.ibsbudapest.com/courses/course/307-refund) for a refund.

IMPORTANT: Please note that due to the strict financial regulations we can transfer the refund only to the same bank account that we received it from.

How to apply for a Refund:

  1. Please log in to your original application with your applicant code. This gives you access to your IBS account. If you forgot your applicant code, please send us an email to info@ibs-b.hu.
  2. Please go to the FIND PROGRAMMES section on the left side and click on OTHER, then under STUDY LANGUAGES on the right side please choose UNSPECIFIED
  3. Choose REFUND and click on Apply now on the right side.
  4. Then clone your personal data by clicking the Yes, clone my previous application button.
  5. Please attach your visa refusal document to your refund application, as we cannot process your request without that!
  6. Please attach your full Hungarian visa refusal document.
  7. Fill in all the required bank data (the bank data must match the bank data of your original payment).
  8. The next step is to submit your application.
  9. We will start working with the application and inform you about the next steps as soon as possible.

Additional regulations of the Refund Policy  https://www.ibs-b.hu/how-to-apply/fees

The tuition fees shall not be claimed back in whole or in part, by taking the following cases into consideration:

1. if a student from the European Union member states prior to the first day of the term time requests the termination of its student legal relationship or the declaration of the term as a passive term, it shall be entitled to reclaim the full amount of tuition fee.

2. if a student requests a passive semester or the termination of its student contract after the beginning of the semester’s term time, but within one calendar month of the first day of the semester time, the student shall be provided with an opportunity to use 80% of tuition fee paid for the given semester to cover part of the tuition fee in a later semester, within 1 calendar year. Only students from the European Union may reclaim tuition fees that have been paid but not used.

3. if a student, after the beginning of the semester’s term time, but within one calendar month of the first day of the term time, requests and receives permission for transfer to another academic programme within the College (with or without claiming passive status on the original academic programme), the tuition fees already paid must be counted against the required fees of the new programme; any difference (if the new programme has a higher fee) must be paid by the student, or (if the new programme has a lower fee) be refunded to the student.

4. if the student from outside the European Union failing to start or continue his/her studies possesses a residence permit in Hungary unrelated to his/her studies at IBS, he/she shall be entitled to refunds according to 1)-2) above. The registration fee is non-refundable in this case either.