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The IBS PhD Scholarship is for those enrolled PhD students who teach on regular modules at IBS. GTAs normally act as seminar tutors at the BSc level – but there may be exceptions to this general rule based on academic and/or industry expertise.


As applicants have to be enrolled on the PhD Programme at IBS, during their selection fulfilment of the requirements of the PhD Programme must take precedence over their potential appointment as GTAs. Upon the applicant’s successful fulfilment of the criteria for admission to the PhD Programme, their potential role as tutors, if they indicate their wish to be considered for such a role during the application process, should be investigated as follows.

  1. If the applicant is based at or can visit Budapest, then they should deliver a demo teaching session as required from all other job applicants.
  2. If the applicant cannot be present in Budapest, then
  3. the demo teaching session may be organized for a pool of applicants at a location convenient for them to visit;
  4. if they have relevant teaching experience, then a Skype interview/demo may be substituted for a) above;
  5. if neither of these, then the applicant might have the opportunity to become a GTA and teach from semester 2, but this is not guaranteed and is dependent upon a successful demo teaching session once on location in Budapest.

The decision about an appointment to GTA status, based on the applicants teaching and professional skills, will be made by the Rector upon the respective proposal of the Head of the Centre of Academic Services (CAS).


GTAs undertake the duty to participate at teacher training beyond and above their duty to partake in workshops as PhD students as and when deemed necessary by the Head of CAS.


To be able to proceed with their PhD, GTAs normally teach between 4 to 8 hours (i.e. 45-minute classes) a week and fulfil all other related duties of marking and administration as and when necessary. Typically, one day a week should be the target but IBS cannot guarantee this number of classes for everyone for each semester of their studies.

GTAs who have been upgraded to PhD Candidate status (typically following their first Annual Review) may once during their studies phase their teaching (i.e. ask for their teaching to be allocated to one semester) so that they can be away from IBS doing field research during the other semester. This is not automatic but has to be requested in writing and is dependent on the approval of the Head of CAS.


For teaching GTAs to receive a grant. The grant is deducted from the GTA’s initial tuition fee payment as a tuition fee discount.

45-min classes of teaching per week Grant
2 20%
4 40%
6 60%
8 80%