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You will be automatically eligible for ERASMUS exchange once you have enrolled on one of IBS's Bachelor's programmes and completed the minimum credits necessary (see the Erasmus Guide for details). We offer study abroad option for all bachelor students in the final year of their studies.Felhivas_Szocialis_EN 2022

Erasmus Student Charter

The period you spend at our partner institution, and all your credits, will be accepted by IBS. For the acceptance of credits on your academic programme, please contact the Erasmus coordinator.

Fill in this survey questionnaire by ESN (Erasmus Student Network) to help ESN study the impact of Erasmus+ on students!

Outgoing Erasmus students pay their normal tuition fee at IBS - you will not have to pay for the tuition at the receiving institution! You only have to cover the costs of living in the given country, for which IBS will, thanks to the Tempus Foundation, provide you with a grant.

European Student Card Initiative

The amounts of the monthly grant by country

If you are eligible for additional support based on social disadvantage, you may apply for an additional grant:

Call for applications for additional support HU

Call for applications for additional support EN

Please contact Etelka Dombora for all further details (edombora@ibs-b.hu).

Click here to see the complete list of our Erasmus partners.

Erasmus Guide
Erasmus application form
Erasmus rules of study
IBS' Erasmus Charter

For students with disabilities

Call for applications for financial support with disabilities or long-term illness EN

Call for applications for financial support with disabilities or long-term illness HU

Application Form EN

Application Form HU

If you would like to have a Europass Mobility Document