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Please pay special attention to the following pieces of advice when applying for a study permit to Hungary (type D visa)!


Who can be a SPONSOR?

  • If your fees and living costs are sponsored, the sponsor can only be a parent or a legal guardian, no other relative is accepted (sister/brother, aunt/uncle, grandparent etc.).
  • You should prove your relationship with the parent with an official document.


  • Only a personal bank account is accepted, a company account is not accepted.
  • You/sponsor must prove that they have a regular income, which means that the bank account statement of the past 6 months should indicate a steady incoming amount each month.
  • The source of the regular income must be proved (official work certificate etc.).
  • A large amount deposited once or a few times on the account will NOT be considered regular.
  • The bank account statements must be official, stamped and signed.
  • The sponsorship letter has to be official and signed by a lawyer too.
  • All household family members of the sponsor will be considered when calculating the available income per person.
  • The consulate expects that your/your sponsor’s bank account can finance at least 12 months of stay in Hungary. There is no definite amount they require, but we estimate EUR 8000 should do.
  • The bank statement must indicate the currency of the account. Please find the key points of your financial documents for the residence permit application here.

The environment - IBS, HUNGARY

  • You should know some basic facts about your programme (starting date, modules, outcome, motivation to study at IBS).
  • You should know some basics facts about Hungary (currency, capital, population, neighbouring countries, language). Please check the map of Europe.


We certify your accommodation in the on-campus residence hall of IBS (address: 1031 Budapest, Reichl Kálmán u. 6.) just for the visa application, but please make sure you have accommodation that you have paid for upon arrival in Budapest as you have 1 month upon arrival to certify it.


You are expected to have a visa interview in English. It is wise to prepare for it by practising with someone but do not merely say your memorized sentences during the interview. The consulate expects conversational English so try to be relaxed. IBS can send you a draft list of interview questions upon request.

  • This is just a draft list based on our experience with visa decisions, so please contact the nearest Consulate of Hungary for the exact requirements. You can find further details on the website of the Office of Immigration and Nationality.
  • Please note that if your visa is refused for any reason, IBS can refund your fee only to the same bank account where it was transferred from.


You must be able to do a simple maths test during the visa interview if asked, please find a sample test here. A business test can also be required.