IBS Budapest

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Budapest can be easily reached by car, train, long-distance bus and air.

The airport is called Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport with Terminal 1, 2A and 2B. Terminal 2A serves in general the not-discount arlines, whereas 2B the super-discount European carriers. Terminal 1 is currently closed for personal traffic. .

Magyar Államvasutak, which translates as Hungarian State Railways and is universally known as MÁV, links up with the European rail network in all directions. In Budapest almost all international trains arrive and depart from Keleti station (Eastern train station; VIII. Kerepesi út 2-6); however, some trains to certain destinations in the east (eg. Romania) leave from Nyugati station (Western train station; VI. Teréz körút 55-57), while Déli station (Southern train station; I. Krisztina körút 37) handles trains to some destinations in the south. These are not hard and fast rules, so always make sure you check which station the train leaves from when you buy a ticket. For 24-hour information on international train services call nationwide 06-40-49 49 49 or in Budapest 461-5500.

Most international buses are run by Eurolines or its Hungarian associate, Volánbusz, however Flixbus and Regiojet are also widely used. In Budapest, all international buses arrive at and depart from Népliget bus station (IX. Üllői út 131; metro Népliget).

For route planning it is recommended to use Google Maps.