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We offer PhD programmes in English, all leading to a  degree conferred by our British partner, The University of Buckingham. These are research degrees which require an original contribution to a body of knowledge in a particular academic or professional discipline.

On August 1st, 2019, IBS changed its PhD program structure.

Uniqueness of our PhD degree programme:

  • Work on your chosen research topic from day one for a UK degree for significantly lower tuition fee.
  • Personalised approach: Our PhD students are supervised by two academic experts in their field of research, who provide monthly individual consultations.
  • Research Workshops: Our PhD programme offers bi-monthly research workshops, where PhD students are advised on all the necessary steps in the process of completing a thesis: writing a research proposal, data collection and analysis, thesis structure and writing. Students are encouraged to share their own work and receive comments from both their peers and qualified professionals, thus fostering a supportive academic community. 
  • Teaching Opportunities: We offer Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) opportunities to our students, which both help with costs and provide hands-on teaching experience, essential for a successful academic career.
  • Diversity: Current PhD students come from 7 different countries on 3 different continents.
  • Attractive location: we are based in Budapest, which offers stunning scenery, vibrant culture and nightlife and some of the lowest rental costs in Europe.

To better reflect on the research interest of our PhD applicants, with effect from September 2019, IBS offers a doctoral programme in two disciplines:

  • PhD in Business and Management
  • PhD in International Affairs

The PhD is an advanced research degree during which students undertake supervised but independent research that leads to a thesis of no more than 100,000 words, presenting the findings of said research. The thesis must demonstrate extended familiarity with and a comprehensive understanding of the subject and the academic literature in the area. It must also prove an ability to construct and execute a plan for primary research, including data collection and its critical analysis. A PhD thesis must offer an original contribution to knowledge in the field of business and management,  international affairs. 

Postgraduate students on our PhD programme are first enrolled on a Probationary PhD Status. At the end of the first year, after a review of their proposal, the decision is made on the conversion to Full PhD Status.

You can find recommended PhD topics here

Entry requirements

  • First or second class, upper division Master's degree.
  • A detailed research plan and one letter of recommendation by an academic, familiar with your work. Please attach these to your online application.
  • Sufficient English skills and academic knowledge that the IBS Research Officer checks with an Orientation Interview.
  • Sufficient familiarity with the academic field your proposed research project belongs to, confirmed by the IBS Research Officer during an Orientation Interview, conducted via Skype.


Guide to Writing Your Research Proposal   Academic referee's report

If you wish to apply, please fill in our online electronic application form and upload your Master’s degree with official English translation, your passport copy and English language certificate (if you have one). Please attach your detailed research plan and one academic referee’s report soon to your online application. 

The deadlines for receipt of a complete application form (including receipt of references) are as follows:

• September 2021 Entry Applications – 15 April 2021

Please remember that applications submitted on the deadline are unlikely to be considered complete in time.

Additional Information for third-country nationals

Prospective students from outside the EU are required by Hungarian law to obtain a residence permit for the duration of their studies. Full-time PhD students are expected to have an official address in Hungary. Attending the mandatory university courses irregularly is contrary to the regulations of the Immigration Office and may result in revoking your right to reside in the country. If you cannot meet this requirement, you have the option to apply for part-time status.

  September intake 
1.Deadline of application (complete package, submitting all necessary documents) + payment of application feeApril 15 
2.PhD application liaison  
1) Feedback of the Research Officer
(formal requirements; language skills; clear research topic) 
May 15 
2) initial opinion of at least one potential supervisorMay 15 
3) GTA interview (if applied for, see link)May 15 
3.Validation fee payment claim will be sent to PhD candidateMay 15 
4.Deadline for payment of validation fee (1200 euro)June 10 
5.Meeting of IBS Research Councilbw. June 10-15. 
6.Decision of The University of Buckinghambw. June 15-22 
7A.Candidate is informed June 23 
a. positive decision  
tuition fee payment claim will be sent  to PhD candidateJune 30 
deadline for tuition fee payment
(minus validation fee, minus application fee)
July 15 
b. waiting list  
c. negative decision  
validation fee refundedwithin 15 days 
7B.If accepted from waiting list, deadline for notificationJuly 15 
If accepted from waiting list, deadline for tuition fee paymentJuly 31 
7C.Accepted for current intake, but requested deferral, deadline of tuition fee payment (deferral max. six months, otherwise new application process starts)Jan 15 


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Irina Cheresheva

PhD in Business and Management

PhD in International Affairs