COVID-19 updates

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Due to the ongoing health crisis IBS introduces new study possibilities for all students.

In September 2020 IBS will offer all programmes face-to-face and online as well (except MSc in IT for Business Data Analytics). This means that in September, you may follow the first common year of all our British Bachelor's programmes, the International University Foundation programme and the first semester of all MSc programmes online in Budapest or in Vienna (except MSc in IT for Business Data Analytics) and take up classes in person whenever you will be able to travel to Hungary.

How can you enter Hungary?

Hungary has a new entry policy for international students valid from 1 September 2020.

Both  EU and Non-EU citizens must apply for a Police Entry Permit to be able to enter the country:

  • You must inform IBS ( as soon as you get your visa and/or decide to travel to Hungary.
  • You will receive a School Attendance Form from IBS by email that you will have to upload to your Police Entry Permit. You must request the police entry permit here prior to your arrival in Hungary:

  • (Choose Equity request to enter the country-no login required.) The process takes about 2 days. 
    This form can only be submitted electronically in Hungarian or English language. (It can also be submitted through a legal representative or even an authorized person.)

  • Please print your Police Entry Permission and the School Attendance Form and present it at the passport control upon arrival to Hungary.

  • The Hungarian Government does not accept any COVID tests done outside Hungary and the test is not compulsory for entering the country.

  • You will be examined medically at the airport and you will have to go for a home quarantine for 14 days if you do not show any symptoms. (Please make sure you do not travel with a fever.)
    If you do two SARS-COV-2 tests within 5 days with a minimum 48 hours interval in Budapest and both test results are negative, the authorities may grant an exemption from the rest of the quarantine time. Each test costs about EUR 100.

  • Please buy health insurance in your home country that is valid for 30 days upon entering Hungary.

  • If you are in quarantine, please write to to be able to enrol online.

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