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Due to the ongoing health crisis that limits international travel, IBS introduces new study possibilities for students disadvantaged in terms of study abroad options. 


As of 18 May, the lockdown has been lifted in Hungary (including Budapest) and life is getting back to normal gradually.  The government of Hungary has allowed universities to reopen from 18 May,  so IBS will surely have face-to-face education in September. (The Consulates of Hungary worldwide will re-open once the local authorities and conditions will allow them to do so.)

IBS will reopen physically on 2 June and the Marketing and Admissions Centre will be welcoming prospective students on campus.

As part of our Covid-19 defence policy and following international examples, IBS has switched to Online Teaching and Learning starting 10 March 2020. Instead of coming to face-to-face classes, students follow instructions by tutors and module leaders as published in the Moodle system.

The possibility to start all Bachelor's programmes online is now available for all new BSc applicants in the first year. This means that if you are unable to travel to Hungary in September, you may follow the first common year of all our British Bachelor's programmes online and take up classes in person whenever the travel restrictions are lifted.

Furthermore, the first semester of our MSc in International Management programme will also be available online in Budapest and Vienna.

In addition, the  International University Foundation programme will be fully available online from September with the same conditions as on the BSc programme.  

Moreover, the application deadline for the IBS Starter Scholarship has been extended to 15 August 2020.


Please read carefully the relevant points of Government Decree 341/2020. (VII.12.) on entry conditions to apply during State of Pandemic Preparedness. This Decree entered into force on July 15.

Police may grant prior permission to enter if the applicant proves that the purpose of entry is:  academic studies or exams, proven by a certificate issued by the academic institution.

After receiving D type visa students need to apply for a prior entry permit (exemption from the general restriction) from Hungarian Police through the following link:

This form can only be submitted electronically in Hungarian or English language. (It can also be submitted through a legal representative or even an authorized person.)

The police entry permit does not exempt you from fulfilling the Schengen entry requirements.

To facilitate the entry at the Hungarian border the traveler should have the original documents and present them to the police if requested. If the original document is not presented, or it is of doubtful origin, entry will be refused.

Upon arrival to Hungary, there will be a mandatory medical examination.

• If that is positive the (infected) person is put in quarantine for 14 days in a place determined by the authorities;

• If the test is negative (not infected)

  • the person has to go for a home quarantine for 14 days in case has a place of residence in Hungary.
  • if the person has no place of residence in Hungary then 14 days quarantine in a place determined by the authorities;

The authorities register the persons in quarantine and their place of residence. Authorities will check that the person does not leave the quarantine. Anybody violating the health rules may be expelled;

Those who tested negative upon arrival and are placed in home quarantine may request the epidemiological authority of the district to allow them to undergo SARS-COV-2 test 2 times within 5 days with a minimum 48 hours interval. If both test results are negative the authorities may grant an exemption from the rest of the quarantine time.

You may apply online or write to our colleagues who will be happy to assist you.

3 year Bachelor's programmes with February and September start date:

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