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Research is an integral part of IBS’s mission and work. It is supported by the present Research Statement, the purpose of which is to ensure that the school can produce a significant volume of high-quality work in a sustainable way.

IBS believes in research topics that are not only in line with the current scientific views, but at the same time are also applicable to real-life cases. It supports academic projects which aim to synthesise knowledge from different fields, which can bring well-grounded answers to the complex questions and challenges of our time.


With the quality of teaching and learning experience lying at the heart of IBS’s ethos, academic research is seen as a crucial success factor in providing

  • the sound theoretical grounding for all teaching
  • opportunity for faculty to continuously develop their skills and knowledge
  • high visibility for successful and innovative research projects.

In this respect, IBS will always seek ways to improve

  • the quality of its research
  • the impact of its research
  • the volume of its research.


In order to achieve the targets stated above, a sustainable path for maintaining academic excellence in research activities is required. This will be ensured through

  • the continuous increase of the external funding of research projects
  • regular recruitment of faculty that are able to conduct high-quality research
  • the constant support of PhD studies of existing faculty
  • active participation in research network projects
  • periodic review of stakeholders’ input on the noteworthy research directions.


The school believes that all forms of scholarships that contribute to the advancement of the teaching quality have to be supported. In this context, the following forms of intellectual efforts and academic contributions are especially encouraged and rewarded by the institution:

  • articles in referred academic journals, chapters in books
  • textbooks, readers, case study and exercise compilations
  • conference presentations and papers
  • PhD and post-doctoral studies
  • applied research projects, spin-offs
  • consultancy projects.

The below graph summarises the approach that IBS takes towards academic research.