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Meet your mentor 2020

Sci-fi Problem-Solving Workshop organized by Spark Institute at IBS

Award Ceremony 2020 February

Semester Opening 2020 February

Educatio 2020

Semester Opening 2019

Award Ceremony 2019 August

IBS Partners' Conference 2019

IBS students in Budapest

Educatio 2019

Award Ceremony 2018

Agent workshop at IBS 2018

International Day 2018

IBS Job Fair 2018

Academic Programme Choice Fair

Award Ceremony February 2018

IBS students in Vienna

Educatio 2018

Semester Opening in Vienna 2017

MSc Semester Opening 2017

BSc Semester Opening 2017

International Day 2017

Educatio Fair in Budapest 2017

Christmas Party at IBS

IBS Job Fair 2016

Open Day in Budapest on 16 November 2016

IBS School Times

MSc Opening Event 2016

Pictures from IBS Silver Jubilee

IBS Silver Jubilee - Photo Booth

IBS 25th Anniversary Picnic

IBS Award Ceremony 2016

Open House in Vienna 2016

Staff and Faculty Day 2016

International Day at IBS

Top sights in Budapest with IBS students

IBS in Chennai, India 2016

Video shooting with IBS Master's students

Spring on Campus

BeSt fair in Vienna 2016

Educatio Fair in Budapest 2016

Winter on the Budapest campus

IBS International Day 2015

Secret Santa on the Budapest campus

IBS MSc Class of 2015-2016

IBS Award Ceremony 2015

IBS Vienna Opening Event 2015

IBS Opening Event 2015

IBS Freshmen's Camp 2015

Summer School 2015 - Photo Gallery

IBS Final exams 2015

IBS MSc Class of 2014-2015

Faculty's Day at IBS

Food and specialties- International Day 2015

IBS Open House in Vienna

Big Day 2015- Career Fair for IBS Students

Vivicitta charity run with UNICEF

The tree of knowledge

Summer School Photo Gallery

edUKation national competition in Moldova

Erasmus students at IBS

MSc classes on the Vienna campus

PR project award ceremony

IBS Alumni Reunion 2014

IBS in India 2014

IBS OPEN DAY on 26 November 2014

I decide campaign with IBS students

IBS Campus Opening 2014

IBS Vienna Opening Event 2014

Big Day 2014 - Career fair for IBS students

MSc Opening Event 2016