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If you are obsessed with teamwork, discussions, and mainly arguing, the newly formed IBS Debate Club (IBS DC) promises you all of these things in a formal and very enjoyable way!

The club will include activities and tournaments where you can learn about the different historic and proper structural formats of debating, build up your public speaking skills and also be able to prove yourself to a third party any time in any argument.

There will be an organized competitive tournament between members of the debate club and topics will be related to the results of your choices on the application form for the club.

Moreover, after the Tournament finishes, we will also have weekly workshops where debates will be held on different topics about what's going on around the world.

European Union Debate Competition ( EUDC ) will hold several workshops online for increasing your debating knowledge.

Formats of debates:

Lincoln Douglas (LD), Karl Popper Debates (KPD), Parliamentary (BP)


Our mission is to provide enjoyable debating in a formal way for upgrading our meta-skills and increasing student activities.

Last Reminder:

We are preparing ourselves to get into international-level debates next summer

Application for membership:


Will be happy to see you at our events!!

In case you have questions, do not hesitate to ask us, and do not forget to follow us on Instagram!