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Hear what our students and faculty have to say about their IBS experience!

"Online teaching is a challenge both for students and teachers. Nevertheless, the IBS staff does its best to provide us with quality education and accessible information through user-friendly online services."

Lypey Alexandra, BSc student

"IBS is a unique international island in a country very much caught up with the obsession of the “local.” The students come from all over the world with unique world-views that I find extremely interesting to work with. The university encourages closer contact and more effective work based on seminars and small groups, therefore enables more efficient learning."

Délia Vékony, Lecturer at the Department of Arts Management

"Teachers are amazing at IBS, the support from them was helpful, they are very much involved with our day-to-day tasks."

Zulfiqar Zaidi, Pakistan

“I'm happy to study at IBS because I'm apart of an international environment every day, with fantastic students and teachers.”

Hanna Kovácsevics, Hungary

"I like IBS because of its diversity, seriousness in the approach to education and its organization."

Aleksandr Kovalev, Russia

"Budapest is an amazing destination for students, not only because it's a cheap city but also you are in the center of Europe."

Vittorio Misleh, Italy

"IBS has provided me with a multi cultural background which helped me to understand more business aspects."

Rushil Neomal Dylan Rodrigo, Sri Lanka

"To lead seminar discussions and motivate diverse and interesting students has been a breath of fresh air in my career."

Fraser Hodges, professor

"Budapest has been a big surprise for me, now it's my home and allows me to study a master's degree at IBS."

Maria del Carmen Blanco Morales, Mexico

"So far IBS, the classes, my classmates, everything just has been fun."

Rahul Tuladhar, Nepal

"I like IBS, due to its variety of culture and the inspiring atmosphere of its campus."

Mohamed Moatsim Tarig, Sudan

 "I love IBS for its exceptional beauty. Beauty of the multiculturalism. "

Aidana Dogdurbaeva, Kyrgyzthan

"I like that the teachers are welcoming and they have or had their own business in real life which is really inspiring and adds more characters to them."

Soichiro Kichibiki, Japan

"At IBS the lecturer doesn't just talk about a topic and gives a lecture, classes are very interactive, which means that you really need to participate."

Nico Birk, Germany

"I like IBS because it gives students an opportunity to pursue their studies based on work merit and helps them to achieve their goals career-wise”.

Zamina Andlip Mohamed Nazir, Kenya

 “ IBS gives you the chance to get a British degree while studying in Budapest. It has a good environment for studying and I like the location of the campus as it is surrounded by big companies”

Mohammad Shafiul Hossain, Bangladesh

"It's a practical programme. We have a lot of assignments and we have to do a lot of research, but we get a lot of support from everybody. Great staff, great professors."

Pedro Delgado Cara D'Anjo, Portugal, MSc student

"Budapest is extremely enjoyable city with youthful and vibrant atmosphere."

Sunkyung Kook, South Korea, BSc Student

"At IBS Budapest you can have it all. A vibrant mix of cultures between the students, the exceptional opportunity of studying abroad and fun in the city at any time."


Camila Zavala, Ecuador, BSc students

"My classmates are really friendly and it helps me a lot during the classes."

Atri Anggira, Indonesia, MSc student

"At IBS I got the opportunity to connect arts and management, which is unique in Hungary. It is a huge plus that I can study in my favorite city."

Frida Selmeczi, Hungary, Bsc student

“The skills which I have developed at IBS from the past semester are communication skills, approaching towards project management, data handling and I have also got more exposures to the newly developed software’s in the industries.”

Tapish Sachin Solanki, India, MBA student

"I find the mix of nationalities among the students very interesting. I enjoy the presentations and I know it's very important for my future. I love to go out in Budapest, there are a lot of nationalities, tourists, great clubs and bars. You can find a bar in each corner." 

Mats Brendesaeter , Norway, Bsc student

"Budapest is a beautiful city by day and night. There is always something to do, so students are never bored in this city."

Kelly Jansen, The Netherlands, BSc Student

"IBS is really international. I like the atmosphere here, you can see people from all over the world."

Kimia Mirzaabolghasem, Iran, BSc student

"IBS gives brilliant and prestigious education in the field of finance. The school is one of the leaders among private higher education institutions of Hungary and it provides the students with competitive advantages in making successful career. Studying at this university is a valuable experience for me and I am proud to be a student of IBS!"

Sheyda Suleymanova, Azerbaijan, BSc student

"The subjects at IBS are not unnecessary, you are going to use what you learn all the time in the future which makes me more interested in learning. The teachers are great and most of them have a lot of experience so you can basically ask anything related to their subject."

Alexander Kundrath, Sweden, BSc student

"IBS perfectly drives the practice into our classes by great professors who always motivate us, thus we can acquire real and valuable knowledge. IBS is a guidance to a successful career."

Samu Faragó, Hungary, BSc student

“For me the most important is the inspiration what I receive from my fellow colleagues, teachers and professors at IBS.”

Zoltán Kerék, Hunagry, MBA student

"The best part of Budapest is the rich history you see all around you."

Jonathan Meijerink, The Netherlands, BSc Student

“Since I am working in the IT industry it is very helpful for me to learn the crucial parts in the project management. I am very happy to learn all these areas of interest.”

Basavaraj Kundaragi, India, MBA student

“I wanted to do a leap in my career, I thought getting a better understanding of the theories behind business will be a good addition to my portfolio. This programme, especially its focus on the data driven management is the one I wanted to go with!”

Ali Murat Can Cercioglu, Turkey, MBA student

"I have been very content with all my professors because they are really kind, you can go to them after class, talk to them if you have any questions and I just love how we are not learning from books but rather learning from their own experiences."

Eszter Mehesz, USA, MSc student

"Entering Budapest was like receiving a loving hug from the Hungarian people."

Eric Van Der Putten, The Netherlands, BSc Student

"IBS professors have real business background. They have the real experience, that’s the most important."

Seyedmojtaba Zareie, Iran, BSc and MSc student

“The professors at IBS are extremely talented, they are all professionals working in respectable positions in their respective fields, I am glad not just to study, but to work with them!”

Mujeeb Murtaza, Pakistan, MBA student

"Budapest is amazing! I met great people from all over the world and could experience an international atmosphere at IBS. I will never forget my time in Budapest: best five months of my life! I already miss the city, the people, the nightlife!"

Jennifer Lukas, Germany, Erasmus student

"What I really liked about the school is its practice-oriented attitude. Of course, I loved my placement year but I can say that all the classes gave us practical and not only abstract theoretical knowledge."

Tamás Wachtler, IBS Alumni, country manager of Renault Hungaria

"IBS gave me the chance to make new friends from all around the world, friends who in a short amount of time have become family."

Sherin Moussa, Egypt, BSc student

"To study in the heart of Europe, to get a British degree and to meet so much international students is a unique opportunity, I love it."

Joakim Birkeland, Norway, BSc student

"I like IBS because of the flexible learning methods and the well-experienced teachers. IBS prepares you for your business career by working in teams and discussing case studies from the business world. With the help of the Career Office you have the opportunity to have various internship jobs."

Mayowa Rachael Akinnaso, Nigeria, BSc student

"I loved the way the subjects were taught. We were encouraged to be critical, we had to argue in favour or against each other, and these were lively discussions. It was actually surprising for me how close we could get to certain teachers. Conversations are very easy to initiate. You are not afraid to go up to a professor and ask about something. They are interested in your opinion."

Lilla Ivanics, Hungary

"IBS is not only a school for business. It is a home, a mini-society and a place where you can grow up."

Christopher Bjerre Krenchel, Denmark, BSc student

"For me IBS is not just a school. It is a family where every member is a top priority.With IBS I am less worried about what the future holds."

Omagie Mimi Eshilama, Nigeria, BSc student

"At IBS I could gain knowledge and practical skills that I could really use later in my career."

András Angyal, IBS Alumni, Account Receivables manager at LG Electronics

“We not only talk about multiculturalism but we experience it.”

Fruzsina Selmeczi, MSc student, Hungary

"I have been to many universities before and so far IBS is the best university I have been to. Students are very nice and you meet friends from the first day. You will never feel lonely and teachers are always there for you to help."

Farah Elmaghraby, Egypt, BSc student

 “I want to be self-employed. I want to wake up in the morning and work for myself and IBS has given me the opportunity to step up and do that.”

Daniel Murunghi , Uganda, Arts Management student

"I really love the way IBS gives me the chance to get a British degree in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. I am also grateful that I have found lots of friends from different parts of the world."

Dana Saparova, Kazakhstan, BSc student

"The three words that come to my mind about IBS are: first of all international, second of all social and the third one is interactive."

Marthe Blom, Norway, BSc student

“The education system at IBS is more intellectual and enjoyable than what I am used to. Also the tuition fee and living costs in Budapest is much cheaper than other places in Europe.”

Fahad Abdul Rehman, Pakistan, MSc student

“What I like most about IBS is that I have friends from all over the world, you learn new things, but you also realize that you are not that different, so I think it’s really important for you in your personal life and in your business life.”

Ramiro Andres Prada Ortega, Colombia, BSc student

"The professors at IBS are friendly. I liked the interactivity of IBS teaching and learning, the timing, the place, the scaling, how the different duties are scheduled throughout the semester."

Kiarmin Bahremand, IBS Alumni, runs several businesses in Hungary

"I deeply enjoy working in a small group full of well known classmates. Especially the close contact to our teachers enables everybody to get more involved into the subjects."

Sophie Dieber, Austria, BSc student

"I especially enjoyed the numerous case studies I had to do during my studies. I think it has really prepared me for life and contributed to my success."

Kinga Szabó, IBS Alumni, advisor of His Royal Highness, Sheikh Abdulla al Sharqi in Abu Dhabi

“At IBS I have definitely become a lot more worldly and I understand a lot of other people’s cultures and backgrounds. The very good aspect of studying in Budapest is the multiculturalism.”

Harley Craig, Australia, MSc student

"The diverse setting of IBS is something to look forward to everyday. Making friends from places I've dreamed of visiting and other countries I have never thought of before coming here is all part of the experience as student in IBS."

Reed Phillips, Erasmus student

"IBS is a very international school, very open-minded. We have small classes where we can learn a lot. It is really important that we get feedback on your assignements after 2 weeks and it has never been the case in Germany."

Lisa Schlichtner, Germany, MSc student

"I chose to study at IBS because it combines a British degree with studying in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. I love IBS because the quality of teachers is at a high standard."

Mukenge Rubasha, Norway, BSc student

"IBS helps me to be more open-minded, responsible for myself and tolerant."

Viktoriya Lyssenkova, Kazakhstan, BSc student

"Budapest is one of the most beautifully situated cities in Europe. Nobody can ever forget the wonderful sight of the two sister towns divided by the wide and swiftly flowing Danube, with the steamers and barges on her waters. The temperate climate is changing, there are 4 seasons in year. The fairly cheap living costs made Budapest a good choice for me. With a lot of historical monuments Budapest become a place for resting and relaxation."

"The process of enrolment to IBS was one of the easiest and most flexible procedure I have been through. IBS provided me with everything I needed for the embassy."

Radwa Al-Maghrabi, Egypt, BSc student

"We have really creative classes. We usually work in groups which is really nice because we can interact with each other and we share our ideas. IBS teaches us how to be a good team worker."

Diana Sweidan, Jordan, MSc student

"I like IBS because it is a school that has a lot of different nationalities, which I think is important later in the business life. I think Budapest is a beautiful city, which provides a good environment for students and the fact that it is affordable for the foreigners makes it more attractive and encourages more activity. "

Charlotte Stene, Norway, BSc student

"One of the best thing is about Budapest is the public transport. It is really well-organized." 

Alberto Enrique Jaimes Castro, Columbia, MSc Student

"I have not yet met a teacher at IBS who would have said to a student “I have no time for you because I have 300 other students.” This is a university where you establish much closer connections than in any other place I know ."

Sándor Faragó, Hungary

 "The task was tough but interesting. It also emphasized the importance of teamwork and proved how utilizing each person's skills can result in a project of more diverse yet fully incorporated ideas."

László Sándor, USA

"To be Erasmus abroad it's a great rewarding experience and it's a chance to meet new peoples with different open minded and culture, IBS give this chance at erasmus student and everybody who wants discover and study in Budapest."

Killian Panchaud, France, BSc Student

"I liked the mind-set and the atmosphere of IBS although I must confess that I had to face some tough experiences as well. I had to learn how to learn, how to think in a creative way. This school prepares you for life, especially for business life. I think I learnt the most from failing, and now I am actually grateful."

Zsuzsanna Kiss, IBS Alumni, Sales Director and Country Manager of Media Sales at Cinema City - CineWorld Group

"I like accounts, but I prefer accounting mainly because of the subject. I enjoy my business analysis class as well. I am very much interested in these areas and I like the way how they are taught. It is much easier for me to grasp them here. Coming from India we did not really know what to expect, and it was really a nice experience."

Pavalankar Akshay, India, MSc student

"I also think that I have changed because I've met many different cultures and gained a lot of experience at IBS."

Alexander Kandelaki, Georgia, BSc student

"At IBS we not only learn what we have to learn, for example political science, but we also learn how to apply it in our jobs."

Junior Carmino Nardacchione, Brazil, BSc student

"IBS really helped me because it has improved my English, my knowledge of sales and finance, and showed me how to work with different cultures.

Edward Tamminga, Netherlands, Erasmus student

"Being here at IBS is not just about books and classes every day, but it is also about getting you ready for work. IBS is preparing you for the life after school, so it is a great journey."

La Sheika Campbell, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, BSc student

"In addition to the short duration of the program, the comparably low fees, and the fact that it is in a city I love, I very much like the small student size. It gives me a feeling of elitism, like I was specifically chosen to represent my country in the program."

Rhoden Nathaniel, USA, MSc student in IBS Vienna

"The useful courses, opportunities, the students, the environment that IBS provides are really one of a kind. It’s more than a University, it’s a community; it’s a big group of friends from many different countries. Being a member of this community and the many steps of success I have taken all in IBS, makes me feel the sentence Proud to be IBS."

Kianoosh Khanjani, Iran, BSc student

"I chose IBS because of the price of the program compared to others and the flexible timetable that allows you to work at the same time."

Irina Berezina, Lithuania, MSc student in IBS Vienna

"Budapest is so much more than I expected! My favourite spot must be standing at the castle looking over the Pest side, when the sun goes down, and all the lights in the city turns up. Everyone are so nice, and the ESN team has been so good at welcoming us since the beginning. I’m so lucky to spend my Erasmus in Budapest!"

Gry Kjær Jacobsen, Denmark, BSc Student

"IBS is one of the three most prestigious universities of Hungary with high quality of education. Moreover, after graduating I will be granted with The University of Buckingham’s degree, one of the most reputable universities in Great Britain."

Azer Ismayilzada, Azerbaijan, BSc student

"I had no problem with the visa process, everything went smoothly because IBS was a great help for me."

Fontem Fongang Mbah, Cameroon, MSc student

"I have very fond memories of my classes with Jeff Taylor and Delia Vekony. I loved both of their classes very much."

Julia Mechtler, IBS Alumni, Sales Associate at David Zwirner gallery, New York

"The British degree is acknowledged all around the world, the British system is a well-established good system. It is considered in all regions such as North America or India, etc., so it is really nice to have one."

Imam Hafiz S Abdal Danish, India, MSc student

"You can find people from all over the world in IBS. The lecturers are really really friendly, you really feel comfortable to ask questions and you can really cooperate with them."

Marian Halal, Syria, BSc student

"I really like the academic environment and the international atmosphere at IBS. There are many students from different countries so I can learn about other cultures."

Zhang Xueming, China, BSc student

"IBS improves your employability by teaching you how to work in teams with different cultures;  you learn how to contribute and how to cooperate with people on a daily basis."

Andrea Kosztyu, Peru, BSc student

"I graduated from IBS in 2001, I was a marketing and marketing communication major. I had my placement year at Pannon GSM, where eventually I spent 8 years in total. I started working for them already before graduation."

Balázs Halmay, IBS Alumni, Head of Marketing and Communication in HungaroControl

„My language skills improved because we had to speak English with each other. I love Budapest a lot. It is very interesting.”

Dziyana Charamisava, Belarus, Summer School student

"When I was studying at IBS, the school trained us how to run a business, how to be successful and prepared me for a lot of things that I could really use."

Fanni Sallay, owner of three cake shops in Budapest

"IBS professors have great connections with international companies, like IBM, Coca Cola, Microsoft. I got the chance to have an interview with Microsoft and I got a job offer from them."

Didem Soykök, Turkey, MSc student

"I got a lot of international contacts thanks to IBS. I have friends and contacts from all over the world, in Europe, USA, Vietnam, Mexico etc."

Jasmine Plavsic, IBS Alumni, owner of Presser, a content marketing company

"I learned a lot at IBS and I have many great memories from that time. Thanks to those years my analytical, organisational and interpersonal skills became excellent."

Orsolya Kovács, IBS Alumni, qualified life and business coach

"Master’s programmes of IBS are highly enjoyable due to the interactive seminars and simulation games in small groups, the continuous assistance of professors and staff and the practical approach that focuses on the development of our critical thinking. During these intensive 12 months I have made a huge step to become an efficient manager."

Aigerim Imangazieva, Kazakhstan, MSc student

"IBS is a business school where students from different backgrounds are studying business, getting vital experience and developing key skills for further career."

Ayan Mirzayeva, Azerbaijan, BSc student

"IBS professors are really attentive, they have a good level of English, they have a lot to share and a lot of knowledge."

Pedro Lima, Brazil, MSc student

“The application process was no problem because of the help from my student representor. IBS has a practical and modern education system which makes me understand things better, and I also learn to express myself in a more professional way.”

Mishak Husain Ahmed, Bangladesh, MSc student

“The opportunity that IBS’s management programme provided for me is really rewarding. The academic knowledge that I have acquired demonstrates that my choice to study in this renowned institution was defi nitely an excellent one. Come and participate in this incredible journey!”

Tamires Montenegro de Melo, Brazil

„It is very affordable and the school provides a British degree in an international environment. And Budapest is a lovely city!”

Doga Ak, Turkey, BSc student

"You start learning little by little and you are like a sponge, absorbing information all the time. And all the stereotypes that we have in our minds are quickly prove to be false."

"I was working as a controller in the financial field and I was missing a challenge. I wanted to do more than just Excel datasheets. Learning to code gave me the possibility to create great things with a few lines of code. I find programming a very fulfilling vocation."

Lilla Virag, former coding student at Green Fox Academy

"The multicultural environment at IBS is really nice. Taking to people from different countries, sharing our views and experiences with them is so helpful. We have an interactive group and people are there to support you."

Oluwabusayo Emman Adeniyi, Nigeria, MSc student

“At the end of my secondary school I had no idea what I wanted to become. With the common first year at IBS I gained some time to think and check out the wide variety of Bachelor’s programmes. Studying at IBS requires constant preparation but it pays off; knowledge is ingrained gradually and exams do not require such an enormous effort.”

Laura Li, Hungary, BSc student

"I like Budapest and I like to go jogging. At the beginning in September, the weather was really nice, so I explored the city by jogging around and enjoyed seeing the Parliament and the castle at the Buda side."

Henning Thomas Fisher, Germany, MSc student

“I am very interested in foreign affairs and different countries; I love anything that has an international feel. I heard that at IBS the programmes are in English and The University of Buckingham is amazing, so it was the perfect option for me to come here. ”

Sarah Viena Wold, USA, Diplomacy student

“I was always interested in arts, and I also wanted to learn management. At IBS I have the opportunity to learn both. Moreover, IBS offers us a great international atmosphere with friendly students, teachers and staff.”

Rita Komporday, Hungary, BSc student

"We had lots of project work and I think this attitude to teaching and learning gave IBS a unique competitive advantage compared to other universities."

Katalin Antal, IBS Alumni, CFO of Microsoft Hungary

"All what I learnt at IBS, I could turn into practice."

Agnes Romet-Balla, IBS Alumni, Communication Director of UNICEF Hungary

"The professors and the staff are very helpful and they assist us in putting everything in perspective."

Zeki Tukuk, Turkey, MSc student

"IBS Budapest is a good location for students: the school has a multicultural environment and the city has a vibrant culture, stunning architecture and amazing people."

Swastik Sarawagi, India, BSc student

"My brother studied at IBS and he met his wife here. I love this city, the teachers were great and the lessons were really interesting. The programme helps you to improve your English, it helps you to be yourself."

Margarita Lyuts, Kazakhstan, Summer School student

"What I do like at IBS the most is the very international environment and opportunity to meet people from very different backgrounds, experiences and mindsets, which are constantly discussed and shared in between."

Vesna Mudresa, Serbia, MSc student in Vienna

"During my summer off, I worked in several hotels, in several companies in tourism, so it was a  cool experience to take what I experienced and compare it to what I learned in IBS. IBS gives you an international community, you make friends for life, you get to know other cultures, other languages so it is a really incredible experience. IBS is a great school and Hungary is a nice country!"

Tin Strelet, Croatia, BSc in Management with Tourism

"I gained self-confidence with the presentations we needed to do; before I just did not think that I could do such serious work. In Angola this diploma has a great value, it is highly appreciated if somebody studied abroad and received a foreign, British diploma. This will be a great advantage for me."

Rodrigues Andreia Staline de Carvalho, Angola

"What attracted me the most was the way the curriculum was structured, the common year to get my head around which direction I wanted to pursue and the placement year to get experience before even graduating."

Tatiana Vacaru, Moldova, IBS Alumni, Corporate Audit Staff at GE

“It’s great to spend your study years abroad. I love being independent and at the same time make new friends with students from other parts of the world. I am learning to respect other cultures, religions and very different ways of thinking and behaviour. Team projects and international days facilitate sharing our traditions, yet accepting new ideas. IBS is a real melting pot.”

Moshar Ben Zion, Israel

"I love how classes are taught in small groups, offering a chance for students to contribute. Assignments are interesting and challenging. The diverse student body makes it a lot of fun to attend IBS, getting to know people from all over the world is truly an extraordinary experience."

Anna Tóth, Hungary, MSc student at IBS Vienna

"IBS gives you the feeling of being part of an intercultural community. What I like best at IBS is the flexible learning methods, the multicultural society and the enjoyable study environment."

Hassan Mohammed Bahago, Nigeria

"I got a lot of excellent feedback about studying in IBS and now I see that all of them were true. The programme of the MSc is really interesting, covering my professional needs and interests. It is a great opportunity to study in the middle of Europe among multinational students."

Anna Fadeeva, Russia, MSc student in IBS Vienna

"IBS is one of those universities where you will use English as mother tongue among students from  80 countries."

Wladyslaw Jan Bak, Poland, BSc student

"What we really learnt from our teachers at IBS is that the first thing is to believe in your dream and to really be persistent and want to carry it out. You need to believe in your own dreams and the rest will come."

Erika Reich, IBS Alumni, co-owner of Noir Chocolate Bar

"The subjects that we study and the school's atmosphere play a very important role in integrating knowledge into the practice."

Altangerel Undrakh, Mongolia, IBS Intern at FAO

"IBS is a really good choice. The price and the value that you have here is pretty good if you compare it with other countries and universities. 70% of the students come from abroad and this makes IBS really rich with cultures."

Miguel Manta, Peru, MSc student

"What I like at IBS is that we examine a lot of case studies, so we learn from real life."

Shreekumar Lakshika Dinali, Sri Lanka, BSc student

"I decided to become an entrepreneur myself when I was doing my placement and later I understood that self employment suits me the best."

Henrik Thorsnes, Norway, BSc student

"IBS puts a high emphasis on practice-based teaching which is a great plus."

Péter Juhász, Hungary, BSc student

"I think I became more open-minded thanks to the fact that there are a lot of different people and that IBS offers a multicultural environment. You naturally become more open-minded to languages and new cultures."

Katarin Kogan, Israel, BSc student

"I liked the Management and  Business Context modules and finance at IBS, because my passion for mathematics started early on and I was very happy to use my logical abilities within this subject."

Christina Moraru, Moldova, BSc student

"Studying at IBS was a really good opportunity to improve my English skills, to get acquainted with some British culture and make some friends."

Alexandra Eremina, Russia, Summer School student

"I always warn my students of the dangers of having a Euro-centric view of the world. Europe is but a small peninsula. We must look at the global world with the eyes of others, too."

László Várkonyi, Professor at the Department of International Studies, Former Ambassador

"I liked that IBS trained us for life. You need to be creative, solve problems, you are able to carry out a project from A to Z."

Zsófia Faur, IBS Alumni, Gallery owner

"I decided to choose IBS because of several reasons: British diploma, one year study, living in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, which is definitely true." 

Zulfina Bashirova, Kazakhstan, MSc Student, Marketing Management

"The experience I have gained here is very practical. IBS has prepared me well with a lot of activities and very interactive classes. We always communicate openly with the lecturers and I have been able to use these skills in my work."

Tomas Varri, Australia, BSc in Management with Finance

"Budapest is a really beautiful city, you never get tired of it, there are a lot of international people. There is a lot to do here, you never get bored."

Paula Arriola Bollat, Guatemala, BSc student

"When I was a student here, I did like the international and diverse spirit and the high level of professionalism and also the way of thinking how we approached Human Resource as a subject. Before coming to IBS I had some discussions with my HR peers and colleagues. Some of my friends had asked me why I wanted this diploma. 'You have so much experience and you cannot learn anything new', they said. However, I did find it very useful."

Ibolya Gothárdi, IBS Alumna, Professor at the Department of Management Skills

"I have a responsibility to teach the next generation what I know, to guide my students how to form an opinion, how to manage and how to get a sense of quality."

Zsolt Petrányi, Head of Arts Management

"The major difference between students now and over the last 10 years is that they have become more open, more aware of their environment and more interested in things. At IBS we can work more as a team together, there is not this tutor-student relationship so much longer. We discover things together…"

Alan Godsave, Head of Department of Tourism

"Morgan Stanley has already hired several IBS graduates into its Finance and Operations divisions and we hope to expand and strengthen our relationship with IBS."

Antonia Watson, General Manager, Morgan Stanley Hungary

"The aim of the three-day workshop was to share knowledge and practical experience about innovative educational approaches, contemporary tools and best practices. The participants have covered a wide array of topics, including: the flipped-classroom approach in various disciplines (e.g. marketing, language teaching), contemporary content and education management tools (e.g. Rise, Shakespeak) as well as new areas of development (teaching new disciplines, e.g. data analysis and visualisation). As a primary outcome, participants identified strategies that help increase student engagement and consequently lead to a more effective learning experience. The individual presentations and case studies were followed by an open discussion to identify applicability of the showcased methods in other contexts. The event was attended by guest lecturers from partner institutions (including Copenhagen Business Academy, EPHEC Brussels, Zuyd University Maastricht and the University of Amsterdam) as well as lecturers and programme development staff from IBS."

László Láng - Head of Centre for Business Support Services, Organizer

"Business management and Psychology are the two most popular degree programmes all around the world.  The Management with Psychology programme provides a great mix of the two."

Kinga Könczey, Programme Coordinator of the Management with Psychology programme

"Our goal is to learn to analyse a business using both internal and external financial reports. We use statistical tools to determine whether certain data relates to the company. Finally, we study strategies of pricing and costs which companies use to gain financial advantages over others. So, that is a lot of numbers but it helps us to analyse and understand past, current and possibly the future of a company."

Scot Wallace, Professor at IBS

"The key concept here is tolerance, to acknowledge and accept both difference and similarity."

Júlia Király, Head of the Department of Economics and Finance at IBS, Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Hungary

"People should be given the opportunity to voice their opinion."

Gábor Sarlós, IBS professor

"At IBS, we have a very personal approach to teaching.  It is almost like a mentorship program."

Milena  Drace, Canada, MSc student in Vienna

"I have never met such an international group of students, and that made it interesting for me, from the very first moment. Second, the students picked their programme voluntarily, they exactly know what they want to get out of it. They are eager to learn, they are eager to share their past experiences. this makes the entire class setting much more interesting than in my other job."

Dr. Robert Pichler, Professor at IBS

"To see the study process, the application of knowledge and how these are connected to the different cultural backgrounds at IBS is very interesting."

Catherine Arlt, Australia

"I read about IBS on the internet and I decided to participate in the Summer School programme because I thought it would be great to improve my English, make friends and learn more about Budapest. I did make a lot of friends and I am planning to keep in touch and invite them to my country."

Nazila Aliyeva, Azerbaijan, Summer School student

"When I learnt about this option at an education fair, I almost thought that something was not right; it looked almost too good to be true."

Maria Ovcharenko, Ukraine

"I can honestly say that I am extremely proud to be an IBS student. It was one of the best decisions of my life to come to study here not only because of the quality of education  but also because of the cultural experiences with international student friends."

Jasmine Annikki Plavsic, Finland

"I have never met such an international group of students, and that made it interesting for me, from the very first moment. Second, the students picked their programme voluntarily, they exactly know what they want to get out of it. They are eager to learn, they are eager to share their past experiences. this makes the entire class setting much more interesting than in my other job."

Dr. Robert Pichler, Professor at IBS

"I think the most important thing with students is listening to them and building trust. A lot of the time people are looking for someone to listen to them, to hear their story in order to recognise that they are not alone. Once they feel they can trust you, the situation evolves into a space where we can work together to manage or solve the problem."

Kenneth Umeh, Student Support Manager

"Budapest is a city for those who like to dream and let their imagination run free."

Ian MacDonald-Management Lecturer

"Working in an international educational institution is exciting and fun."

Dóra Kéry, English Lecturer

"Students can rely on IBS´s student services for support with studies, careers and even private issues."

Zoltán Benedek Gráf, Pro-Rector for Student Services

"Budapest is fun. IBS is cool. Need an invitation?"

László Szepesi, Pro-Rector for Academic Services

"Teaching is not only a job, it is a beautiful profession that keeps my heart young and my soul free."

Gabriella Lengyel, Finance Lecturer

"The truly international environment in IBS simulates learning and teaching in many unexpected ways."

Ildikó Polyák, Lecturer of Cross-Cultural Studies

"I like teaching at IBS because every day I have the chance to provide that even one person can make a difference."

László Tóth, Finance Lecturer

"The environment is a melting pot of cultures, which provides us with a highly rewarding experience day by day."

Zsófia Kárász, Marketing Lecturer

"Be flexible and versatile. This is the best strategy for life."

Éva Radvány, Management Lecturer

"The degree of personal attention and care IBS reaches out to students is exceptional. We don't only love what we teach but also who we teach. This makes this relationship special and unique."

Bálint Nagy, Head of the Department of Marketing

"An inspiring, colorful and international environment where students can build connection for the future."

Anita Zsuzsanna Pozsgai - Accounting Lecturer

„IBS is preparing high-caliber students to meet the demands of the job market. Investing in education pays off.”

Dr Márta Szabados, professor emerita

„An IBS graduate myself, I was doubly happy to cooperate with the school and Dr. Szabados. I believe that twinning with companies provides multiple benefits for students and corporations alike. Planning a  PR campaign for a bike sharing system such as MOL Bubi provides students with the opportunity of applying the textbook based knowledge also in practice with close-to-real parameters. For us in the corporate world, the assignments were also thought-provoking. Students’ thinking about the direction the communications should be designed was really valuable and provided novel insights for future developments.

Boldizsár Konja, Marketing Communicatios Expert, MOL Hungary

„I feel that my understanding of Corporate Communication has increased tenfold after doing this project.”

Jake Hall, UK

„Great teamwork, members put 100% effort into this task”

Lukas Markusich, Austria

"I really like the academic environment and the international atmosphere at IBS. There are many students from different countries so I can learn about other cultures."

Zhang Xueming, China, BSc student

”The world today has become complex, and is moving ahead at fast speed. Preparing for life is inseparable from life itself, so IBS is rightly aiming at preparing its students for successful business life jointly with business enterprises, in a real-life context. This is exactly why I consider assignments like Marta’s MOL project, highly important.”

Prof. Istvan Tamás, Founder and Honorary Rector of IBS