IBS Budapest

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This 1-year programme will definitely boost your English and your university study skills with 12 hours per week in small groups of 10-12 international students.

Have you ever wondered how you could improve your English efficiently? Are you considering continuing your university studies in English? Are you thinking about making a big change in your life and career and start something new? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then your place is here with us at IBS University Foundation Programme. 

Our programme offers English language subjects on four levels:

  • On the elementary level, students get General English, where they can build up their language knowledge from the foundations. They complete two course-books here, elementary level in the first semester and lower-intermediate in the second semester.
  • On the lower-intermediate level, in addition to General English, students also get Culture Projects subject, where they can focus on their oral skills and on the nature of project work, which is highly appreciated at workplaces and universities all around the world. Similarly to the first level students complete two course-books here, lower-intermediate in the first semester and intermediate in the second semester.
  • On the intermediate level, students get four subjects, General English, Study Skills, Maths and IT Skills and Culture Projects. Since students’ level of English is higher here, they are able to learn a range of excellent subjects, which enable them to continue their studies in English either on a BA or MA course.
  • On the upper-intermediate level, we have five subjects, General English, Business English, Study Skills, Maths and IT Skills and Culture Projects. Students have the chance to understand more difficult parts of English and obtain deeper knowledge that they can use in their academic or professional life. 
Duration of programme 2 semesters
Starting date September, February
Tuition fee per semester € 2,750
Tuition fee for the full programme € 5,500
One-off registration fee for non-EU citizens € 900
Campus Budapest
Admission criteria High School Leaving Certificate
Language of tuition English

Our teachers are highly qualified, well-experienced, they pay attention to your individual needs and they have been striving to do their best to help you improve your English and reach your aims in life. We have a friendly, supportive atmosphere, where students can experience studying in an international team, where teachers are more like mentors.

Our classrooms are well-equipped, every classroom has a computer and a projector or flat-screen television.

Our students get 400 hours of English, 16 classes per week. So what are you waiting for? Join us, we are looking forward to meeting you here at IBS in Budapest, in the heart of Europe.