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Jasmine Plavsic completed her BSc and MSc studies at IBS and she runs her own business, Presser, a content marketing company specializing in commercial supplement publications targeting B2B or B2C readers.

How did you find this school from Finland?

I have an older sister and she studied there as well. She found out through my father’s friend whose son studied at IBS. I studied there twice, first my bachelor’s degree between 2002-2006, then I went back to Finland, where I live, and then after four years I returned to Budapest to do my MSc in Human Resource Management.

What was your major interest in IBS? Favourite subjects, professors?

I remember Katalin Tardos, György Gonda, Ian MacDonald and many others. I loved most of the subjects: management, cultural skills, economics... What I was not especially fond of was business law and accounting, do find them important for my current job though. I also have fond memories of Etelka Dombora and Andi Kovács from the student centre, it was real fun when Andi came to Finland and we could meet.

What did you do after your received your MSc?

By that time, I had already experience as a Communication Specialist at Avon Cosmetics and was responsible for Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. After MSc degree I went back to Finland and I found a job very quickly as an employer branding specialist in a local publishing company. I was extremely successful and gradually became the Business Area Director and eventually the Country Manager. Now I run my own content marketing company Presser, which is one of the major players in this sector.

What does an employer branding specialist do?

My task was to consult companies on how they could better communicate their brand as an employer and find the right communication channels. The idea is not only to enhance the recruitment process but also to retain and develop the current talent internally. We published articles related to this topic in our own magazines distributed with major business journals in Finland. My placement was at an advertising agency, TBWA\ in Helsinki. I would have been happy to have my placement in Budapest, but the language barrier hindered me. I do speak German, Finnish, Swedish, English but not enough of Hungarian.

What is your company doing?

We are publishing magazines for b2b and b2c audiences that are distributed inside the major newspapers and magazines both in print and online. We concentrate on a high quality content and offer companies a forum to deliver their message in a right context for the targeted readers. We are a consultative sales organization of 3 people and me. Yet, we work closely with independent writers and photographers so have a constant buzz with the production.

Kaisa Ylihärsilä, Project Manager (left) and Jasmine Plavsic holding a cover picture of their latest annual magazine Business Insight

How is this business going? What are your expectations?

I have a good overview on the industry due to my previous experience, all the crucial contacts, relationships and the knowledge on every part of the business. Hence, the beginning was quite fast. We had clients quite early on and also plan on going international in the coming year. However, there is still room for growth also in Finland. Last year the turnover was 500 000 Euros and intend to increase it this year to 700 000 Euros.

That sounds wonderful. Do you feel your IBS studies helped you in your career and business?

Yes, absolutely. I especially appreciated the practice-oriented approach. We always had to apply the knowledge in practice so passing a course you need to understand the topic thoroughly. We were busy with teamwork, individual projects, presentations - not only with essay writing which, however, I also find extremely important. I also think that my internship at TBWA\ gave a good start and valuable connection to have a job later on.

I also would like to mention that I got a lot if international contacts thanks to IBS. I have friends and contacts from all over the world, in Europe, USA, Vietnam, Mexico etc. We are still in touch. Not long ago we had a reunion in Budapest where people travelled even from as far as Los Angeles.

Do you use these connections and contact in your business as well?

I definitely hope to do so. Some of my fellow students actually have asked for my help regarding various topics. Somebody form Turkey, for example, recently asked me about the educational system in Finland that he needed in his current job.

Do you have free time and what are you doing then?

I am very work oriented but of course I have some free time. I mostly enjoy eating out in nice restaurants, I also like doing things outdoors, outside of home. Meeting my friends, going to movies. jogging, which is something I love, it keeps my head clear. When I was younger I used to do figure skating, I was competing in it. So, I am also skating during winter. I do not have a family yet so I believe this is the time to enjoy the life to the fullest.

MSc in Human Resource Management