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Former IBS student, Laura Paál is the regional director of GE ITLP (Information Technology Leadership Program).

GE ITLP provides young IT professionals, completing their studies or beginning their career, an opportunity to acquire practical knowledge in network building, human resources, managing tight deadlines, leadership information, etc. Young professionals who are participating in the program can gain experience and develop their knowledge in different fields of informatics, mobile technology, internet safety, data analysis, cloud technology, as well as in company leadership. In their two years of study, participants can test their competence in international environments, in different fields, and in various labour cultures. They can meet challenging tasks in different parts of the world while working within one company.

According to Laura Paál, one of the strength of the program is that it faces the participants with challenges that they need to respond in a short time and in a focused way. They need to adjust to circumstances that they could meet daily in their work. Actually, they do meet them daily, as the tasks are always real life, actual tasks.

Although informatics is still widely considered a man’s job, there are more and more programs and initiatives to fight against old stereotypes. As a female leader in IT, Laura Paál herself is a living example. As she says, she is well aware of old stereotypes although personally she has not experienced prejudices against women. The proportion between women and men in the program is definitely good. Currently there are 5 women among the 9 Hungarian participants. There always many talented applicants but the final decision is always made on the basis of professional and potential leadership qualities.

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