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Lilla Valkó, a former IBS student’s career path was featured in Nők Lapja Évszakok 2014 Tavasz. Read the translation of the article below.

There are people who break with the common study plan already as a teenager. Lilla Valkó, at the age of seventeen, in a framework of a scholarship program, got an opportunity to gain experience in USA. She spent a year in California, where she did her final exam and got accepted to university. However, she decided to move backhome to continue her studies surrounded by friends and family. “Back at home I faced the fact that I either make my American degree accredited or I choose from those two courses where my degree was accepted. I decided to take the latter option. For two years, I was studying law at Pázmány University, later reconsidering my plans, I changed in favor of IBS’s finance program.” It was important for Lilla to enrich her knowledge and international experience. In order to achieve her goals, she applied for a year long Erasmus scholarship in Madrid, where she also got a degree after two and a half year of long hard work. Following her return she graduated from IBS and in 2011 she moved to Brussels, where she obtained a master diploma in diplomacy with protocol specialization. Profiting from the experience and knowledge gained during these years, Lilla is now working as a cultural and art manager. “Already as a teenager,I wished not just to get familiar with other cultures, but also to explore them deeply. It was an advantage that I have been abroad for a longer time at a very young age, because people are much more open at this stage. Itscolorfulnessis what makes the world a beautiful place and its diversity makes it a whole, a complete entity. During my cultural explorations, it was always important that my base would be at home, becauseonly by connecting with your roots can you get strength and refresh. The distance on the other hand helps me to better judge and also to recognize the values we have here.”