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The International Business School opened its library to value-creating community events, think-tank initiatives, and creative workshops with a gathering of the Nordic Bridge Leaders community.

Between Hungary and the five Scandinavian nations (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden), Nordic Bridge serves as a forum for knowledge exchange and collaboration. The Scandinavian embassies in Budapest collaborated to create the initiative, which Bridge Budapest helped to launch in 2018.

The event's main goals were knowledge sharing and getting to know the concepts, best practices, and skills of Scandinavian and Hungarian nations. The ambassadors and young Hungarian leaders who were invited took part in the workshop led by Leonard Sommer and Kristóf Fenyvesi with creative ideas, a keen sense of inquiry, and a lot of openness.

Nordic Bridge Leaders az IBS könyvtárában

Many questions, suggestions, responses, and opinions relating to education and learning happened during the evening. There were fascinating talks and discussions on subjects like what qualities and capabilities make a successful leader, and how can they be developed? How can we support learning and development at work? What does higher education look like in the future, and is earning a degree worthwhile? What kind of setting fosters creativity most effectively, and what distinguishes innovative businesses from others?

The institution is pleased to offer space and assistance for the continuation of the relationships that were initiated during this event, which IBS was glad to host and co-organize. The library building is now accessible to community initiatives and programs that create value

Nordic Bridge

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