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it is truly hilarious to listen to the words of people at large − famous and non famous, celebrities and wish to be celebrities, etc. − about AI, deep learning, etc. these days. It suddenly became the centerpiece of public talking so everyone MUST have something to say about a phenomenon he/she didn't even hear about 6 months ago, and would still face serious difficulties if asked about its interpretation or meaning.

But 2 mins fame is worth to say unappealable, indisputable, categorical, but at least shocking statements about the potential affects of AI on the economy, society and generally on our environment. Publicly, − that's the point. A great source for the media to ease its constant hunger for themes and an opportunity for vanity fair for those who constantly tremble for publicity.

While it is truly THE most critical issue today. The wise and knowledgeable are listening, watching and... thinking. And suggest, that most what's being said today will land in the dustbin of tomorrow (or rather this afternoon) to give way to a series of phenomena not even seen or predicted yet. As it historically happened with all revolutionary changes.

So its worth the effort to try to select the very few who really have a convincing, deep-rooted knowledge and authentic information about AI and light-heartedly neglect the rest. A big challenge itself for us ordinary people, I admit. (We may need the assistance of AI:-) )"

Bálint Nagy, Marketing Academic Area Leader

Our professor suggests to start with the video above, and also here are the top six influential AI experts shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence. List generated with the assistance of Chat GPT!

  1. Andrew Ng: co-founder of Coursera, is widely recognized as a leading figure in the field of AI. With expertise in machine learning and deep learning, Ng has made significant contributions to the development and democratization of AI education. His homepage (https://www.andrewng.org/) offers a wealth of resources, including courses, publications, and insightful blog posts.
  2. Yoshua Bengio: a renowned professor at the University of Montreal, is a key figure in the field of deep learning. His work has revolutionized the AI landscape, particularly through his advancements in neural networks and unsupervised learning. Bengio's homepage (http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~bengioy/yoshua_en/) provides access to his extensive collection of publications and ongoing research projects.
  3. Fei-Fei Li: co-director of the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI), is known for her expertise in computer vision and the ethical implications of AI. Her contributions to large-scale visual recognition and the ImageNet project have had a profound impact on the field. Li's homepage (https://hai.stanford.edu/people/fei-fei-li) showcases her research, publications, and insightful talks.
  4. Demis Hassabis: CEO and co-founder of DeepMind, is at the forefront of AI research and its practical applications. DeepMind's achievements in reinforcement learning, such as AlphaGo, have demonstrated the potential of AI in solving complex problems. Hassabis' homepage (https://www.deepmind.com/about-us/our-team/demis-hassabis) provides an overview of DeepMind's groundbreaking work and his contributions to advancing the field.
  5. Geoffrey Hinton: a pioneering researcher in deep learning, has played a pivotal role in the development of neural networks and their applications. His groundbreaking work on backpropagation has greatly advanced the field of AI. Hinton's homepage (https://www.cs.toronto.edu/~hinton/) offers access to his extensive collection of publications, lectures, and ongoing research projects.
  6. Kate Crawford: a prominent figure in AI ethics and the societal implications of AI, has extensively studied issues such as bias, fairness, and accountability. Her research and writings shed light on the complex challenges associated with AI technology. Crawford's homepage (https://www.katecrawford.net/) provides access to her influential publications, articles, and thought-provoking talks.

These six experts are widely recognized for their contributions to AI research, education, and the exploration of ethical considerations. Following their work and insights can provide invaluable knowledge for staying informed about the latest developments and ethical dimensions of AI.

Bálint Nagy

Marketing & Tourism

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