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Dr. Márton Rácz attended the roundtable discussion on education at the Europe Festival in Budapest. The topic was the European Year of Skills 2023 which aims to assist businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, in addressing the skills gap in the EU. During the discussion, we heard encouragement for creating an attitude of upskilling and reskilling, assisting people in obtaining the necessary skills for high-caliber employment.

The pro-rector of IBS emphasised the importance of skill building and shared best practices and successes. Talked about the IBS UpSkill Programme, which is a cutting-edge effort designed to support IBS students' success in the job hunt and afterward at work. The conversational partners during the round table all agreed that it is critical that we examine and develop skills that are actually valuable and relevant in life and in the working environment. Employing people with in-demand skills promotes sustainable growth, encourages greater innovation, and boosts business competitiveness.


dr. Márton Rácz, pro-rector

European Year of Skills

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