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Employers ranked IBS students higher in terms of knowledge and skills than students from other higher education institutions, according to the annual employer satisfaction survey.

Employers remarked on the 106 students who completed their professional internships during the survey, with a 98% response rate. They first gave feedback in three short text answers regarding the beginning and end of the placement period and the position fulfilled by the student. Following that, the interns' employee skills, attitudes, and knowledge were evaluated in comparison to students studying at various higher education institutions. The employers identified the students' primary skills and weaknesses and supplemented them with the required comments.

„She is significantly better than other students from different universities. Based on this experience, I will prefer IBS students' applications for bank positions."
IBS students perform significantly better than students from other universities:
In general, how would you rate the skills and knowledge of the student compared to students of other institutions? 5 = Significantly better,
1= Significantly worse
Knowledge specific to the employment 4,68
Skills specific to the employment 4,80
„She was the best trainee in the history of our company. She was a valuable resource from the first day and by now she has become an example in our organization. We would like to hire her for long term.”

Overall, the workplace supervisors have felt that the students studying at IBS outperform their peers from other universities both in terms of knowledge and skills specific to the position. In terms of employability skills, students mostly received above-average ratings on the skills that were deemed to have above-average importance by their supervisors; these include oral and written communication and teamwork skills.

Employability Skills (AVG) 5 = Excellent, 1 = Poor.
Teamwork skills 4.77
Foreign language skills 4.74
Oral communication 4.67
Project management skills 4.60
Written communication 4.59
„I think he has a bright future at our firm.”

During the survey, we asked the employers about the 106 students who completed professional internships. A response rate of 98% was achieved, i.e. a total of 104 responses were received from the companies, including the following employers:

  • KMPG
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Avis Budget Group
  • EY
  • GE Hungary
  • K&H Bank
  • KPMG
  • Nestlé Hungária
  • BioTechUSA
  • HELL ENERGY Hungary
  • Hilltop Logisztikai Kft
  • Media Factory
  • Raiffeisen Bank International
  • Roche
  • Tesco
  • The Municipality of Budapest, Mayor's Office
  • Different Model Agency
  • Equilor Befektetési Zrt.
  • MKB Bank
  • Norma Instruments
  • Deutsche Telekom Systems Solutions
  • Royal Hús
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Ministry of Construction and Investment

One of IBS’ popular career services is the job fair held on our campus, to which we invite exhibitors from among our key business partners. These exhibitors also provide us with feedback about the attendees of the job fair. Typically our business partners describe these students as interested and open-minded job seekers with very good languages capabilities and a level of motivation usually higher than those studying at other universities.

IBS Job Fair-115.jpg

"The IBS career office assists its students’ job search endeavors with a number of services. For instance, we provide CV guidance and career counseling sessions, send out a bi-weekly career newsletter, and host online and offline workshops and events," told Andrea Hajdu, Head of Business Network Centre and Career Office.

"We also have our own closed career platform called TalentNet, through which our students can directly access internship and graduate positions posted by our strategic partners. We regularly update the content of this platform and disseminate news on corporate open days as well as traineeship and graduate leadership programs available to our students and alumni.”

Andrea Hajdu

Head of the Business Network Centre and Career Office, Business Network Centre

Send e-mail to Andrea Hajdu
+36 1 588 8661