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While at Hungarian universities, students' grades often depend on the benevolence or strictness of the lecturer conducting the seminar or lecture, the British system makes sure that all students receive their results based on the same standards. IBS is the only higher education institution in Hungary to use the Examination Board's multi-day evaluation and control process called Moderation, which is a crucial component of quality assurance in British universities.

The Examination Boards are responsible for approving the marks obtained by the students. First, Internal Examiners, made up of IBS faculty members, carefully check the assessment packs submitted by the Module Leaders, and inspect the marking results and procedures throughout the semester. They internally guarantee conformity to predetermined standards and upholding fairness in evaluations across groups, markers, and different subjects. The assessed work submitted by students is then reviewed by the External Examiners, who are invited from British universities external to IBS and its strategic partner, The University of Buckingham. These experienced professors provide external benchmarking and add new viewpoints to the assessment process. Their insightful opinions help IBS to uphold its high British standards and further ensures that assessment strategies keep up with the times.

Through these quality assurance procedures, the Board makes sure that each student receives a fair evaluation as well as thorough written feedback that will aid in their future development. This year, the External Examiners again underlined how reliable and excellent the IBS evaluation procedures are. International Business School places a high value on transparency and fairness in its educational practices, so we are pleased with the feedback from the Examination Boards. We are delighted to continue to see it guaranteed that the quality of all assessment of student work, on all IBS Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, is ensured in a way that is distinct from other higher education institutions in Hungary.

For further information or interview request please contact the Chief Communications Officer of IBS, Andrea Joós at ajoos@ibs-b.hu.