Yumei Sang MSc student IBS-Vienna participated at the Paris Peace Forum

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We are proud of Yumei’s performance and success. Read the interview with her and learn about the Paris Peace Forum.

What is the significance of the Paris Peace Forum and your participation in it?
As a Comprehensive-Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation Youth Group (CTBTO YG) member, we always seek to participate and to be involved in various kinds of international conferences and workshops. The Paris Peace Forum (PPF), organized for the first time, was one of them. With the attendance of over 70 countries’ Presidents and Head-of-States, local government and International organizations, Paris Peace Forum constitutes an unprecedented and unique platform. It provides a unique platform for dialogues and exchanges among all actors of global governance, international organizations and civil societies. It helps moving concrete projects forward. This is why it was important for me to participate in PPF in order to raise awareness of the danger of nuclear testing and of the importance of Comprehensive-Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty and CTBTO.

Who are the members of your group?
Our group was composed of 6 members coming from Albania, Burkina Faso, China, France and Russia. Some of us are students, Ph.D. candidates, and some are professionals working at CTBTO. We all are CTBTO YG members and share a common belief – increase youth involvement in current global issues, particularly on banning nuclear testing.

What was your contribution?  
I participated in the Forum as one of the project-leaders of our group. Our project consisted of a successful story-telling presentation of the contributions and efforts of the CTBTO YG in the activities of rising awareness of the dangers of nuclear testing. The CTBT is a concrete and major step towards global peace and security and it is important that it get universalized. At the first stage of selection, over 100 projects were selected among more than 1000 projects to participate. From among the 100, 8 were selected, including ours, to be presented in front of the Presidents. It was a veritable and huge honour for us.

What other burning issues came up and which presentations were especially important or outstanding in your opinion?
Over 70 countries’ Presidents and Head-of-State, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French president Emmanuel Macron, Canadian President Justin Trudeau, Russian President Vladimir Putin, the UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres, the IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde among others attended Paris Peace Forum. International organizations, local governments, civil societies, NGOs and companies were also convened as active actors of multilateral inclusive global development. The discussions and presentations are focused on 5 main topics: peace and security, development, environment, new technologies and inclusive economy. There were a lot of innovative and important presentations. The PPF not only provided us with an opportunity to bring our project forward and make it more visible, but also constituted an opportunity to get to know other projects around these topics. The amount of information and knowledge that we can get from this forum is impressive. I got to know so many projects, for instance, Antarctica 2020-Ocean Unit, Climate resilient Zero-Budget Natural Farming in Andhra Prasdesh, International Gender Champion, Chirac Foundation–Fight against fake medication, New America-Ranking digital, etc. The Forum is indeed a bridge to increase multilateral cooperation.

How did you find IBS and the MSc programme and what were the most attractive features that made you apply?
My study at IBS and in the MSc programme is a very rich experience. The most attractive features of IBS are the international environment, the one year duration and the prestigious Buckingham University Degree. I met people coming from very different cultural and professional backgrounds. English language is another attractive feature of IBS.

What is your special interest within business studies and what are your future plans?
My study at IBS was guided by my interest in project management in international environment. I would like to involve myself professionally in something that I cherish and defend. The CTBT innovation challenge towards securing sustainable development or gender equality are the paths that I would like to explore after my study at IBS.

MSc in International Management