"When you are a leader, everybody around you must be better than you "

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István Papp former Country General Manager of Microsoft, Founder and CEO of Thriveo gave a guest lecture in Professor Éva Radvány’s Business Policy module

István Papp talked about his own experiences in the field of leadership, corporate morals, employers, how to assess employees, how to judge and evaluate them. He had quite a few and quite surprising statements. Surprising but well-based, and we must seriously consider them. Here are a few.

He described his two dimensional assessment method based on the employee’s attitude and performance. It is easy to decide if somebody has a bad attitude, bad performance, that is simple, good attitude, good performance also simple. One of the most exciting moment of the lecture was when he raised the question and asked the students to reflect on what decision they would make when an employee is a creative person with high performance but, simply said, is an asshole. Not easy. There is no universal law how to resolve this problem. István Papp said that in 80 % of the cases he got rid of these type of people. The atmosphere is an important part of the working conditions and these type of people should not be given a chance to destroy it.

“Passion to kill” is another principle he follows. This means to align with the spirit of the company, positive attitude and an immense energy to reach success that you passionately believe in. If you cannot do something, add a “yet” at the end of the sentence.

Have you ever heard of the work-life balance? Forget about balance, make choices. It is your decision how you react. A typical example, be there in your work 100 % but do not answer work calls, e-mails after work hours let alone during the week-end


What is a good leader like? You should be honest, demonstrate corporate values yourself through your personality. Be there in the interviews, dare to believe your instincts. Set up a good team. This means that everybody must be better than you. This is not an easy task and not every leader can carry it out. But it really makes sense.

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