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Professor Bálint Nagy, Head of the Department of Marketing was a member of the MAF jury. 


The Hungarian Donors Forum (Magyar Adományozói Fórum) is the only professional umbrella membership organization of grant makers, donors that is independent from the state and political parties in Hungary.


Its primary goal is to introduce and facilitate the adoption of the professional methods and tools used for responsible and impactful community investments and at the same time to provide support for local companies, foundations and private persons in order to achieve that more organizations contribute more and more effectively to the society.


The Forum organizes the most prestigious CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) competition for companies in Hungary. The applicants have the opportunity to present projects based on a standardized set of criteria. A seven-member jury of well-know leaders and personalities – among them Dr. Bálint Nagy Head of the Marketing Department of IBS – brings the decisions whom to award with the 4 titles of the most innovative, the most impactful, the most effective project and the best civil-corporation partnership. This year among others Mol, Eon, Budapest Bank, Magnet Bank, OTP, Invitel and Danone were the best among the best. The ceremony took place as part of a conference on the 2nd of October.