Wellbeing day 2019

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The first IBS Wellbeing Day took place on the 20th of March, which is also the international day of happiness

Both for IBS students and staff had the chance to participate in activities which would contribute to their physical or mental wellbeing.

  • The day started with a  free yoga session at Yoga Park, preparing everyone for the workday or classes ahead.

  • Next, a clinical psychologist from the Cordelia foundation was invited to give our students a workshop on how to handle all their fears and worries before the exam period. Cordelia foundation are an organisation providing mental health support to refugees, victims of domestic violence and all sorts of psychological trauma.

  • Afterwards two sessions were held at the Student Lounge under the name of  Tech-Free Tea. Instead of interacting with various technological devices, all who wondered into the Student Lounge during these two breaks were encouraged to interact with each other over a cup of tea and not their electronic devices, while the IBS Music Club provided some entertainment in the form of some – acoustic – tunes.

  • Lastly, Zen Meditation closed the day where Délia Vékony held a fantastic session to give an insight into the world of Zen Meditation.

The Wellbeing Day was organized by the Student Wellbeing Team who hope it will become a regular event and encourage wellbeing practices 365 days a year.