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We are the “Society of the Query” as the title of a recently published book, edited by René König and Miriam Rasch says. If we do not know something we immediately google it but do we really know what is happening? There is a dark side of Google which is the subject of another thought provoking work by Italian authors’ collective,  Ippolita. Some people do not enter social networks because they do not want to participate in the crowdsourcing of the masses for social media. Just to list the major points, search engines are not neutral, they have access and collect an ocean of data, they pose a serious threat to our privacy, we do not really know how to handle copyright, personal rights, competition law when using search  engines, the good news is that search engines boost our creative energy. What do you think? The Society of the Query network was founded in 2009, scholars, researchers from different  disciplinary fields examine burning questions about online search. All their publications can be downloaded here.