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Zsembery Levente, Chairman of the Board of the Hungarian Venture Capital Association (HVCA) was our guest speaker at the last Session of the Venture Capital course. HVCA also was represented by Ibolya Pintér, the General Secretary of the operation.

Zsembery Levente is also CEO of X-Ventures and associate professor at the Institute of Finance and at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Levente as Chairman of HVCA has an up to date high level vision on the industry and recent industry trends. As acting fund manager, he focused in PE/VC transaction structuring issues and their practical implementation. He emphasized the specifics and difficulties of the innovative start-up investments, particularly focusing on biotechnology and IT. He discussed critical issues with the students, like start-up valuation, motivation and management of quick growth. Key message was value building. The students were most active in the discussion of motivation and team dynamics issues.

Both Ibolya and Levente were available following the class discussion for informal networking. The students enjoyed the meeting with seasoned professionals of the Industry. The program was completed with this session and with the help of our guest speakers the students received balanced practical and academic knowledge and understanding of the Private Equity/Venture Capital industry.

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