Túró Rudi - the best Hungarian product

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In Hungary there is a product that is beloved by almost everyone, no matter if we talk about an adult or a child. It is no surprise that this product is the so called Túró Rudi. As a matter of fact most of the countries do not even know about the existence of the Hungarian specialty, and if we mention the ingredients that it consist of, they immediately question our taste, just because they think that chocolate and cottage cheese doesn’t fit together. But of course the Hungarian cottage cheese is not the same as the English one; therefore it is reasonable, why they might judge our beloved dessert at the first time.

The original receipt of the Rudi is considered to be a legend, because nobody knows it exactly where it comes from but we can admit that it is well-known for at least 50 years in our country.  Since that time the Túró Rudi’s appearance has changed many times but the original one always appeared with nice, little, red dots on its package. That is why we call it nowadays Spotted (Pöttyös).

The first Rudi-s were made of normal cottage cheese that was produced in the countryside but the nowadays used chocolate that covers the cottage cheese stick is just vegetable tallow that tastes like chocolate. So, the available products today do not contain of the 2 original indispensable ingredients that is why all Rudi types are offered almost on the same price (it is less costly to make Rudi with less valuable chocolate - vegetable tallow) and thus they have similar features and tastes.

Main Inputs

(Dairy Ingredients)

Original Receipt of Túró Rudi: (home-made)

Cottage Cheese (1/2 kg)Vanilla Sugar (2 package)Kristall Sugar (2 tablespoon)Edible Gelatine (1 package)Sour Cream (2 dl)Dark Chocolate (1 tablet)


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