The rise and fall of an app?

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Flappy Bird has become something of an app-sensation in the past months; topping App Store charts on some days meant 50,000 dollar advertising income for Vietnamese creator, Nguyen Ha Dong. Then, adding an unexpected twist to the e-fairy tale, the developer decided to withdraw the game from stores and return to his "simple life," which was reportedly shattered by the imminent success of the 80s-style game. Mr. Dong also expressed his sincere concerns for players, getting too addicted to his creation; the question of the day is simple: true story or just an unconventional, probably million-dollar marketing trick to raise interest for his future products? If you're interested in the business rationale behind apps, also check out this amazing piece by The Wall Street Journal, uncovering the time and money we dedicate to various smartphone applications. Even to Flappy Bird. Read on... source: The Wall Street Journal