Summer School at IBS (2011)

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IBS is famous for having many good teachers, practical based teaching methods and excellent English language programmes. Alongside with our 5 Bachelor and 4 Master Programmes we have an Intensive English Language Programme and Summer School as well. The Summer School has started on the 4th July and will last for 1 whole month.

The 28 students who participate in this programme come from different countries, such as Kazakhstan, Moldova, China, Hungary, Romania, and Russia. On their first day, they had a welcoming ceremony, where they received some presents from IBS.

During the weekdays they are learning hard, but they also have leisure activities, such as going to a Hop on Hop off sightseeing tour around Budapest or visiting the Lake Balaton and the castle in Visegrád, where they can try the summer bobsled too. On the Hop on Hop off tour I was able to take some pictures that you can find after this link: You can find the Hop on Hop off sightseeing tour on this link: You can check the bobsled activity after this link: To find out about Visegrád check the following webpage:

  /Article made by Hajnalka Kovács - IBS Trainee/