Stand out with a video CV

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Technology is advancing and as a consequence so is society and its conscience. Having a visual way to sell yourself to any company is becoming very advantageous, a plus for any kind of CV. Our Upskill program focuses on miscellaneous topics, like interview tactics, pitching to investors, or creating a video CV.

Here you can read about some Tips and Tricks to create a Video CV with great examples from our smart and creative bachelors' students. 

  • Write a script: It is important that you have a sense of what you want to say and how you want to express it.
  • Be original: Keep the presentation interesting, make sure it is amusing and entertaining.
  • Personalize: It is a plus making a personalized presentation for the company you are actually interested in. Explaining your motivations, achievements and goals is a good way to keep the viewers´ attention.
  • Show the content: Visual content will help you capture viewers attention more so than a monologue.
  • Rehearse: Again and again, until you are certain you will nail your video presentation!

IBS conducted research about what skills are most in-demand at workplaces and designed the UpSkill Program to equip students with these skills so that they can be successful candidates on the job market as well as enhance key employability skills through differentiated development in small groups, practice-based seminars and by applying an interactive, learning-by-doing approach. 

Here you can see the best Video CVs' made by our BSc Students during the fall semester.