Song Writer - Dániel Fiala

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Dániel Fiala is a the 24 year-old recently graduated IBS student who was studying at the BAIBR (BA in International Business Relations) academic programme that he started in 2007. He claims, he chose IBS because of the numerous opportunities granting studies abroad. He spent a whole year on the ERASMUS program: one semester in Copenhagen, Denmark and one semester in Sundsvall, Sweden. He also did his internship abroad at the International Diabetes Federation in Brussels, Belgium. Lately he wrote and produced a brand new song called “Never Gonna Let You Go”.

He is a devoted musician and has been playing the clarinet since he was 7. In his solo project, “Danny Dawn” he takes on bass and vocal tasks as well as writing music and lyrics. If you are interested in his new song, you can check it out here: And if you like it, stay tuned on his Facebook page for more songs to be released: