"Social media is a whole new game"

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... says  Sándor Mátyus, who gave a guest lecture on social media in Professor Márta Szabados’ Corporate Communication class on 31st October.


"It is not just one more tool of communication, a new tool and technique of marketing and PR – he continues, - but part of a new reality, that all organizations that reach out to the public need to address." To respond to the demands posed by social media. To address the new digital reality. A remarkable element of his lecture, however, was that he warned about the flipsides and disadvantages of using social media, this very powerful but controversial tool of communication with audiences, businesses and consumers.

Diplomats are non-corporate PR Guys

Sándor Mátyus is a Senior Counselor at the Foreign Ministry and Trade of Hungary, and was, among other assignments, consul of the Embassy of Hungary in Macedonia, and Consul of the Embassy of Hungary in Pakistan. He is currently working with South-European countries including Greece and Cyprus.

He earned an MBA in public relations and he also conducted comprehensive research on the online PR profile of Hungarian NGOs in 2016. Hence the intriguing question arises, why a senior diplomat would consider expertise in PR/Corporate Communication as part of his education and work. According to Mátyus, diplomacy and PR have a lot in common and are overlapping areas. Namely, if you represent a country, you represent a very powerful brand. Countries and governments are huge brands in the very same way as huge multinational companies are. So as a diplomat you represent a brand and you build trust, you nurture the reputation of that huge brand. You project the image of your country to foreign audiences and target groups. There is also a lot of trade and tourism promotion going on in international relations: you want the companies and economic players of your country to win the trust of foreign countries and investors. Additionally, there is a lot of networking involved in diplomacy, you need to reach out to all segments of society during your work. PR and communication expertise is of vital importance in this field.

IBS is a powerful brand associated with Budapest, Hungary

IBS is one of the best and oldest, most prestigious business schools in Hungary. During my tours abroad I came to realize that IBS is also a great brand, a powerful brand associated with Budapest and Hungary with many foreign students expressing interest to study here. So, I would conclude that diplomacy, PR and country promotion are all somewhat intertwined with IBS and it is a great pleasure and honour to learn more about this story and be here personally to be part of it.

  MSc in Marketing Management