Report about the Freshmen's Camp

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The 2011 Freshmen's Camp can be described with 3 simple words: Exciting, Challenging but too Short... the weekend passed so quickly that we didn't even realise that it was already Sunday afternoon. On Fridaymorning we all met in the South Railway station, where each freshman received a T-shirt and a RedBull to be able to stay awake for the rest of the day. Everyone was put into a group that was named after colours, such as white, black, pink, red and so on. Then we travelled together to Balatonföldvár by train and on our way we had the opportunity to get to know each other a little bit and warm up with some nice drinks.

After arriving we had a lunch and some free time, that most of used for laying on the beach. In the afternoon we played some games to memorize the group members' names and to learn some facts about the leaders and the freshmen too.

For the first night the leaders organised a so called courage contest to see whether the freshmen will be able to survive in the school or not :D. They had to fulfil several tests and participate in special kind of activities during  this night.

On the next day sport activities were available for those students who still had some energy left. For example they could play American football, playstation, volleyball, billiard and so on.

Of course there is no Freshmen's Camp without a party, so we organised it for each night we spent in Balatonföldvár. The DJ played the best and latest hits, so we really enjoyed the music and one another's company. Before the camp was over, the freshmen and the leaders presented a play just like in theatres. All plays were entertaining and funny, some of them a little bit surprising and sometimes shocking.

On the railway station the leaders announced the final winner of the camp, which was the PINKgroup led by Ági Heringer and Andi Szillassy. Their group was the only one that completed each test and wasn't afraid of anything. Congratulations to this group and for those students who decided to come to the camp. Let me wish you good luck for the rest of your studies! For more pictures please check out the link below... ;)

All pictures are available HERE !!!

  For the Official Youtube Video check out the link below:  

/Article, Photos and Video made by Hajnalka Kovács - IBS Trainee/