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Who could say that they never felt uncertain or at a loss in a new place like a new school, having questions, needing information that might seem banal and everybody else seems to have the answers or the information? The new IBS Peer Mentoring Scheme helps first year students to adapt, find answers and receive guidance about how to be a successful student from a peer, a fellow student. This is another layer of support for new students who can also turn to Kenneth Umeh, the IBS Student Support Manager, the teachers and other members of staff for support as always.

Kenneth trained the second year BSc students who are volunteering to be the first ever IBS Peer Mentors. Peer Mentors may have completed their first year of study but it is still recent enough for them to clearly remember how it felt this time last year. Being reflective was one of the key motives in the training and as mentors, they aim to create a non-judgmental, friendly atmosphere which will help to build trust. They are in effect the first level of student support at IBS and in some cases they can also act like mediators between students and the Student Support Manager.

Peer Mentors met with all new first year student mentees on Wednesday 20 September. Email addresses have been exchanged and Facebook and WhatsApp groups have already been created. First year students, do not hesitate to talk to your Peer Mentor whenever you feel the need.

If any first year students do not know who their Mentor is or missed the welcome meeting, they should email Kenneth Umeh, the Student Support Manager: and he will provide you with the name and contact details of your Peer Mentor.

Gabriella Szabó

  • Partner, Student Wellbeing, Academic Counsellor
  • Centre for Student Services

Kenneth Umeh

  • Deputy Head of Centre, Student Wellbeing
  • Centre for Student Services