Private Equity / Venture Capital at Work

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János Ferke one of the Partners of the newly formed Oxo Ventures, a venture capital fund accepted our invitation and visited our currently running Private Equity class.

The course is running as part of the MSc Finance program and covers the key principles of the private equity industry. The students are learning the structure and the operation of the industry, although their key interest, as young professionals and potential entrepreneurs, is the key terms and conditions of accessing external financial resources, primarily venture capital. Further to the academic background, they were especially interested to meet with active professionals and see, how the theory works in the everyday practice.

János Ferke, as active fund manager introduced a real transaction to the students, and other than the key terms and conditions, he explained the practical implications and general conclusions. A start-up company successfully raised venture capital, which case study perfectly fitted to the previously discussed topics.

The students were interested in the rail case and asked several questions. It was evident, that a real life case gave additional understanding and encouragement. Following the presentation and the Q&A session, the students had a chance to ask general questions and could discuss several related issues.

Thanks for János for his contribution. It added value to the classwork.

MSc in Financial Management