No Merci - Recommended by Delia Vekony, lecturer at IBS Arts Management Department

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No mercy. Or Non, merci. Or no, there is no Mercedes...
The exhibition of Hungarian sculptor Gyula Baditz presents a general anxiety about the world we have created for ourselves and proudly live in.

Although we think we are free, we actually build carefully constructed prisons in which we proudly showcase how happily caged we are. The exhibition, presenting a large cage, entitled No merci, connected to the heating system encloses the visitor and asks what it means to be free. Isn't our freedom simply a myth in which we are made to think we can act but most moments of our lives are determined by the social order we are tied to. Can the spirit free itself? Mountains are ancient symbols of the freedom of the spirit and a connection with the supernatural. However, the mountains exhibited are made of iron, they are baren and grey. Can we, in such a society, obtain individual, spiritual freedom? Is there still hope that we are not heading towards our own destruction? Is it already too late?

Vernissage: 13th february, 7pm. On view 14th february-28th March VILTIN GALÉRIA | 1061 BUDAPEST, VASVÁRI PÁL U. 1.