New standards for location intelligence?

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The European Court of Justice's recent ruling allows ordinary users to make Google delete irrelevant personal information; a decision with rather confusing the practical implications, opening the door for long debates on free speech vs. whitewashing one's digital footprint. Currently, the ruling appears to focus on personal search results online, however your real-time location also constitutes a part of your digital past. The location-based tracking, targeting and acquisition of customers have become an everyday phenomenon in online and mobile marketing; several start-ups using your Gmail account or your mobile device's detailed data on your every move, have also been around for some time. Placed, a start-up that just secured some significant Series B funding follows people with their consent, therefore offering better insights and possibly higher conversion based on the users' locations. What do you think of location-based services? Have you ever checked your iPhone or Google account on your personal location history? Read on...