Network Marketing in the real world

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Krisztián Méhes was a guest lecturer in Professor Bálint Nagy’s class, Marketing Communications.


Krisztián Méhes graduated from IBS in 1998, spent 5 years with multinational companies in the field of IT decision support systems and then started his own company in international real-estate and business application development. He earned an MBA (cum laude) in 2004 from Babson College, USA. He was a stock exchange broker on 9/11, worked in the start-up of a fruit wine factory in China and run for a seat in the 2010 elections in Hungary. He heads the charity Santa Speedo Run in Budapest for the 10th year.

A cell phone rang in the lecture room but this time it was not an annoying accident. Krisztián Méhes lectured in a performative way. He made a call, one of the students answered the phone and the rest of the students could directly listen to a marketing offer and how it was received. Network marketing is some part direct selling, some part direct marketing. Marketing tries to inform people about values while in network marketing you try to focus on the other person’s need, and then you find out if your product fits that need. But do we really have any idea how many marketing messages do we see, let’s say, on our way to school? How can be something personalized and mass marketed at the same time? How can we reach people on a global scale? Krisztián has written a book about Network Marketing and he also developed what he calls his copyrighted ‘Snapshot Method’. The latter is basically about understanding and not blindly believing. With his Snapshot Method it is easier to see and avoid falling victim to the pyramid scheme ‘businesses’. This is exactly the point why it is important to be able to analyse and understand the structure of a business. General legislation only covers three bases for the business: it must have an actual product, every business unit must serve dozens of customers, and products should not be excessively overpriced. The problem is that if you see all these three, it can still be a fraud. But the good news is that there is a way to foresee and that lies never pay for long.

His goal is to educate people about how to recognize pyramid schemes and position valid network businesses within the framework of marketing science. He has a book, Hitchhiker's Guide to Network Marketing.