Meet our regional representative Jawwad Fakhar from Pakistan

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Jawwad Fakhar is one of the most successful and most effective international partners of IBS. 


What kind of works, jobs did you do after your studies, up until now?

I have worked with a quite a few companies based in the USA and then with a couple of universities before I started working with IBS.

What brought you to be an IBS international representative?

I was exploring different business schools in Europe when I found IBS, which was offering almost everything under one roof. After this, things were unfolding and it just happened. So, I have been a representative of IBS since 2015. To be honest, at first sight it seemed "too good to be true".

You are very successful at representing IBS in Asia. What are the countries that you work with? How many people contacted you, who were interested in coming to Budapest and how many did actually come?

It is mostly South Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East that I work with. Well, I did more than 40 workshops and met thousands of students but only some of them are actually potential students. There is a big difference between being interested and actually choosing to come to Budapest. I am proud that more than 150 of the students, whom I met, whom I provided with information and instructed, actually enrolled to IBS during the last 3 years.

How do you describe IBS to those who are interested to come and study in Budapest?

Well, I would suggest all the students to go out and do their search on their own and most probably, they will find nothing like IBS, because realistically speaking, nothing is even close to it. They can compare the costs of study, living, quality of life and education with those of other countries in Europe and they are happy to find and learn that all are true and it is great to choose IBS, to live in Budapest, and to get a precious diploma in BSc, MSc or PhD level.

What do you think attract them to Budapest and Hungary?

The living cost is a big attraction and a big plus compared to other countries. An unlimited monthly travelling pass for a student is as cheap as 11 Euro a month. You can find tourists from all over the world and it is one of the most lively, exciting cities in Europe. People are friendly and you get a lot on the plate when you talk about exploring. Slovenia, Austria, Croatia are all well connected, so travelling is easy and fun.

Do you yourself travel a lot?

Yes, I have been travelling a lot and meeting new people all the time. Now, that I have my own family, I have two wonderful and very naughty kids, this makes travelling a bit more challenging but I try not to give it up.

I heard that you have just set up your new enterprise in Karachi.

Yes, with some of my friends, we have recently started a company, called English Empire, we are helping students improve their English language skills and they can learn German language as well.

How did you like Budapest when you were here in June?

I liked Budapest a lot and I think the workshop that IBS organized for the international representatives was useful, sightseeing was amazing, meeting the other representatives, people from all over the world was exciting. It was a wonderful event, a great trip.

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