Meet our new colleague, Krisztina Dörnyei

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Krisztina is teaching marketing at IBS since September 2015. She graduated at Corvinus University, and completed her PhD in 2011, her main research interest is consumer information search behaviour and packaging. After graduation she worked at a multinational company, then she went to work for an SME. Now she works as a marketing consultant, and writes an exciting blog (in Hungarian) on packaging.

What is your main interest?

I am a marketer and my main research interest now is product packaging as a marketing tool. Packaging serves as an identification of the product and it simplifies the work of sales promotion. Categorization is another important factor. Big retail stores are selling hundreds of thousands of products at the same time and consumers have limited time to choose. Packaging plays an important role in calling attention to a certain product, enabling them to make a quick decision or to identify the desired product in a glance.

Packaging labels are also important factors in the decision making process but there are only a few studies on package labels. I explore information content on packaging, how consumers use label information in order to make better purchase decisions. My results show that customers unfortunately search for very limited product related information. Pre-purchase information search also depends on many factors, for example demographic factors, experience and product category purchase frequency. For example men and frequent buyers of a specific product look for less information.

What are the new trends in packaging?

The overall trend in food packaging encompasses many goals: environmental consciousness, convenience, customization and downsizing. Companies are making efforts to maintain shelf-life while using as little packaging as possible. Packaging also needs to be easy to open and then re-sealable without the food getting all over the place.

Personalization is also an important current trend. Companies turn to customized packaging to set themselves apart from their competitors. For example Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign was a great success. Technology makes it possible to print individualized labels, so you can buy a Cola bottles with your name on it.

Package downsizing is another trend that has spread through every aisle of the grocery store. In Hungary it is very difficult to raise retail price, if something gets more expensive even with a small amount of money, it endangers selling. It is easier to downsize package than to raise price.

How do you plan to continue your research?

Compared to other fields of marketing, there are there are only a few books on packaging, let alone in Hungarian, so I am writing a book on packaging right now.

BSc in Management with Marketing