Meet Farhad, founder of the IBS Book Club!

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Get comfy and join them from home and explore titles focusing on business and general management. 

Please introduce yourself and your club members a little bit.

My name is Farhad, I'm a fellow book lover and a coffee enthusiast (with official barista training) who is studying MSc in Strategic International Management at IBS. I was the founder and currently the president of the book club. My friend Milad who has come from an artistic background and is an amazing YouTuber and video blogger is in charge of the marketing and designing the graphical materials of the book club. And Paria (Fatemeh) who comes from a marketing background is helping us to find new members and presenting the IBS Book Club.

How did you come up with the idea of the book club?

Before joining IBS I used to import electronic book readers online, brick-and-mortar store and wholesales. I am a bookworm and during the years I met many book lovers and realized there are countless exciting books and finding ones that are of interest to a particular audience is not very easy. Therefore, in my country, we launched an online club where book lovers could review and recommend new titles in different genres. When I joined IBS as a master student I thought to myself that it could be beneficial to start a similar club where students can recommend interesting books that are related to the modules they are studying. I fancied that it would create a knowledge network. 

What’s the purpose of the club?

The purpose of the club is to provide a platform for students to recommend and review books that complement their studies. 

What happens in a book club?

In this early stage, almost all book reviews are written by me. However, we are hoping that once we have more members, they would start sending us their reviews which we would share on the IBS Books Club’s Facebook and Instagram page. Considering the diversity at IBS, we expect a wide range of books on different aspects of business administration.

What are the benefits of being a member of a book club?

Considering the fact that all members of the IBS Book Club are students, faculty, or alumni of IBS, the books reviewed will be carefully handpicked by readers who have a good knowledge of the suspect which would guarantee their relevance and quality. In addition, book lovers can post reviews about their books and read about others’ perceptions in the comments which can provide a fresh perspective and a deeper understanding of the book.

Who would you recommend the book club to?

I would recommend the book club to all curious minds who appreciate a good book and a good cup of coffee. 

How does your book club choose books to read?  

Currently, we choose books that are related to general management. The books we plan to review in the coming weeks are all biographies of successful (or failed ;) ) entrepreneurs. However, in the future we are hoping students from different majors would share books that can provide good insight into their particular field of study (Finance, marketing, etc.)

What kind of events are you planning to make next year?

We are hoping to arrange live discussion groups where participants can share their views and understandings of a particular book. Provided that we find enough enthusiastic members we hope to provide the possibility for an arrangement of live presentations for those students who plan to sharpen their presentation skills by presenting a summary of their chosen book.

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