Interview with Délia Vékony, lecturer at Arts Management

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Délia Vékony is a leading professional in the History of Art at IBS since 2007.  Her lectures always arise discussions, and excite the young art management students. A teacher-friend, with whom students share their thoughts, argue and reflect upon various philosophies of arts. She is a wishful mate for gallery visits, and with her knowledge of art she is a great company.

What inspired you to be a teacher?

My own university experience. It was so unique that I felt I owe the world and I have to give something back…

Have you ever thought about a different career? If so what?

Yes, working in art and business or becoming a book-moth (an academic in the strict sense of the word). Now I am somewhere in between.

How long have you been teaching at IBS?

Since 2007.

What do you like about teaching at IBS?

IBS is a unique international island in a country very much caught up with the obsession of the "local." The students come from all over the world with unique world-views that I find extremely interesting to work with. The university encourages closer contact and more effective work based on seminars and small groups, therefore enables more efficient learning.

 Who would you recommend IBS to?

 Anyone with an interest in management and culture.

What is the most satisfying thing about teaching for you?

When the connection between students and the material we are talking about really takes place, there is an immersion with the material. It is a moment of presence, you do not know exactly how it happens, but for sure it is blissful.

What do you hope to achieve by being a teacher?

Maybe make people able to raise questions about their own existence.

What does a successful classroom look like at the end of the year?

Happy and disturbed :)


What is the book that you have read most recently?

Artificial hells by Clair Bishop.

Have you ever considered publishing a book? If you already published one, what it is about and why you decided to write on that topic?

Lost in art. Searching for inherent quality in contemporary art. Undeground Kiadó, Budapest; it is available at the IBS library.

Tell us something interesting fact about yourself? (What is your hobby? What is your favourite dish?)

Hobby: walking in the mountains, reading, "bodyArt," food and good wine, great conversations. Learning how NOT to want things…

BSc in Management with Arts