Induction Week for BABS & MAG year 2 students

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Welcome back to IBS and welcome to the BABS Programme! After finishing succesfully the Common first year either in English or in Hungarian, you can finally start your second year at IBS. You might remember that last year you had an induction week to warm up a little bit before the term starts. This year you will be given a new topic for this week that is:

“Chocolate and Business - Managing in Turbulent Times”

This special kind of week has a learning objective to understand business organizations, their different functional areas and current challenges, topics that will give you a good basis when you will study about these issues in a more detailed way during the semester. Imagine that we also organised some guest lectures to you that will be given by chocolate business experts. You will have seminars on various aspects of the chocolate business and furthermore you will have both in-door and out-door activities related to the given topic.

Maybe I will not surprise you very much if I say that you can watch a movie too, that's name is Chocolate. The main actress is Juliette Binoche and the main actor is Johnny Depp. At the end of the week you will be involved in a business simulation game, that has a main Chocolate Award, so I suggest you to participate to be able to win this great price.

As the main topic is a delicious dessert, I highly recommend you an activity on the same week that takes place in the Royal Palace of Budapest. You can find some details about it here: Detailed Information about the week: Explanation of the 3 small tests will be on Monday at 14:00 and you will work in groups to fulfil the task of writing the final assignment. Your project results will be incorporated into the Personal and Career Development module and note that you have to submit your work till 24th September.

/Article made by Hajnalka Kovács - IBS Trainee/ Reference: IBS Intranet description about Project week by Katalin Tardos