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Great News! IBS was awarded Website of the year 2015 in the category of education.

The professional jury of the Hungarian Marketing Association awarded IBS the best website 2015 in education. The jury evaluated the technical index, content index, and SEO. With our new website we wanted to create an easily accessible website that reaches a wide audience of international students coming from all over the world. We want to provide students and future students with a rich source of information in an enjoyable way; what education is like at IBS, what kind of services IBS offers and all these in a modern, contemporary look, in a responsive platform. It is also important that the website reflects the international and multicultural character of the school, as well as integrates the “why to study at IBS” arguments organically into the information. A flexible and dynamic frame system guarantees  the easy handling of the contents and the appearance at all platforms. The aim of the new website was also to improve measurability and SEO optimization.

According to the evaluation of the jury, the webpage is characterized by a flawless contemporary design which does not copy fashion trends in a subservient way. It is well-structured, and easy to read. The content can be easily grasped, and searched, no irrelevant or redundant information are included. The webpage also paid attention to use its own photos, and it includes a relatively large number of videos as well. A special mention should be made of social media, the webpage has set up its only social media accounts, which is almost a must by now and it also actively uses and refreshes each of these accounts. There are also substantial and worthy information on earlier students, a sort of alumni career tracking in LinkedIn, which is a very positive feature of the page. It is well-thought over, user friendly, and this is the strongest feature of a webpage.

Well done IBS!